There are many ways to publish your work on Amazon and on other platforms. Writers often want to publish a ‘completed’ document (book, e-book, audiobook, etc.) Last year Amazon developed a new platform which allows for reading books in episodes. Think of publishing in this manner like dropping a new TV series: episode by episode. Amazon’s Kindle Vella format is accessible through an author’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. KDP is Amazon’s publishing platform. Let’s explore Kindle Vella publishing and all it has to offer.

Setting Up Kindle Vella Publishing

Authors go to KDP and set up an account, then determine what type of format they will be publishing their work through. Kindle Vella is listed at the top of the page. Simply click on ‘CREATE’, then Kindle Vella, following the prompts to set up your series information. You will need to upload a graphic that will be used as the ‘cover’ for your series. Note: there are no titles listed on your graphic in Kindle Vella. From there you will publish your cover information and start your story. 

Requirements of Publishing on Kindle Vella

There are limitations on your episodes. A story already published on Amazon in another format will be blocked, so you need to make enough changes in your story to ‘make it new’ if you are looking to expand your readership in this format without writing a whole new series. New series are what Kindle Vella is looking for, so if you’ve got an idea, go for it! Kindle Vella requires episodes to be 600-5000 words. You can drop as many episodes as you like at one time and then set up a schedule for the episodes to publish. KDP will contact you and let you know the episode has dropped when it’s published.

The only way to make significant money with Kindel Vella appears to be by publishing volumes of work. Readers pay for reading your episodes with ‘tokens’ purchased from Amazon. Amazon allows readers to read up to the first three episodes for free, then writers receive 50% token payments. Once on KV, your work is considered published and must remain exclusive to Amazon but you can unpublish your work at any time. 

Alternatives to Kindle Vella

There are several other ‘serial’ formats on the internet including: Miraquill, Sweek, Comaful, Inkitt, Book Breaks, Penana, Movellas, Scare/Chat stories and Wattpad. I liked what I saw in Wattpad and will be using it for several reasons. is a user-friendly format. It’s easy to set up an account by simply going to the Home Page and following the ‘Write’ prompt in the upper right-hand corner. Wattpad was established in 2006 and several authors have been picked up by other media (Netflix, movies, books, etc.) because it is a well-read site. 

Wattpad’s requirements are less stringent, but once your work is published on the site, it is considered published, so you can’t submit it elsewhere as unpublished work. An episode’s word count is left to the author, so you can publish poetry to novel chapters. Wattpad is a social media forum meaning you will receive comments on your work, so toughen your skin – as every writer must do! The platform is free to use. Writers are paid through Wattpad inserting ads in their work. In general, the exposure on Wattpad is greater and the genres are more varied than on KV. 

Serial media formats are another way to get your work discovered, build a new audience and develop your writing skill!