Writing Careers Begin and End with Purpose

Taking Stock

Every year businesses have taxes to pay and stock inventory to take.

Artists also need to take stock: not only of their supplies, but of everything they invest into their art. So, I’m taking stock… of my writing. I ask myself:

What is my purpose in life and how is the writing a part of it?

GOD has called me to be a Watchman.

If you’re not sure what that is (and it took me a while to work it out), you can think of Nehemiah — the watchman on the walls of the City of Jerusalem, watching against invasion and ensuring the builders were on task. Or you can think of Ezekiel — called to exhort the Jews whom GOD had put into captivity for their ‘poor showing’, and responsible for their souls if he didn’t do so.

Everything I write about I pray into first. Every message seeks to bring light into a dark world, and to encourage the reader to persevere; either overtly or more subtly, I seek to share the truth of our Creator GOD.

What are you called to be?

It took me a few years of digging to find the answer of my calling, which I can now so casually mention. It took a search of the scriptures, and an analysis of my life and personality, to work out who GOD had made me to be and for what purpose.

May I encourage you, if you are not already certain who you are in Christ, to find out.

Are you aiming to fulfill that call?

It isn’t my job to get as many converts or subscribers to my mailing list as possible. It isn’t my job to make people follow Jehovah, King of the Universe. It isn’t even my job to write exclusively about Him. But it is my job to write as the Father leads me, and to publish what I write, making it available to others.

If the LORD has put a burden on your heart, fulfill it. It isn’t your job to make sure it’s perfect; you can hire an editor to make it the best it can be. It isn’t your job to be famous or get a high profile, although such may ensure more people will find access to your material. But it is your job, and mine, to obey and serve Him who gave Himself for us, and to discover who He has made us to be, and what we can do to bring him delight.

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

“Serve the LORD with gladness; come before His presence with singing…” (Psalm 100:2)

“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.” (Psalm 150:6)

Sarah Tun is an author, developmental editor, ghostwriter as well as a professional voice for voice overs and narrations.

© 2020 Sarah Tun

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10 thoughts on “Writing Careers Begin and End with Purpose”

  1. Great article, Sarah. Many years ago, say 45, I had a conversation with a minister about Psalm 37:4. During the conversation, he mentioned he thought it might also mean the Lord gives us the actual desires we have in our hearts. This is a different take than I heard from most of this verse. I love Prov. 16:9 & 19:21. I discovered these about 25 years ago when I was trying desperately to know God’s will for my life. I remember thinking, can it be this simple. The next thought I had was–yes.

    1. I prefer to read the print, but an audio book would be particular good if I were ill and my eyes were affected, such as when you have a horrible cold with streaming eyes. Audio books are terrific and versatile, aren’t they!?

  2. Hi Tom,

    I also believe, whole-heartedly that the desires we have are from GOD. He made us, He knows us intimately (Psalm 139). He wants only to give us “good things” and so He wants to give us the desires of our hearts… and as we focus on Him, for His sake, not ours, He will reveal how to receive that which He has provided for us.

    It’s amazing that He has given you scriptures to live by. And that you’re remembered them. We all must grab hold of His promises… not by our will, but by our heart.


  3. I find it amusing that you almost quote from the Book of Mormon (II Nephi 32:9) in this article. Please don’t be scandalized; I intensely dislike Communists and unfaithful husbands who plagiarized their doctoral dissertation (Rev. ML King Jr.), but quote from them anyway, if they said something good and appropriate. And he said a good many good things!
    I try to put a good Christian message about faith, hope and charity, plus forgiveness of sins, into most of my books. Sometimes it’s more overt, as in my newest book, The Musician and the Vampire.

    1. Alan, the Book of Mormon? Really? That’s a surprise. What on earth do you see as similar to the Book of Mormon in what I’ve written? I’m not “scandalised” but I’m taken aback/surprised.
      Blessings in any case:)

  4. A great encouragement, Sarah. Forgive typing errors, am currently one-handed following surgery. my publisher asked me to write my memoirs a year or so ago. I was half way in when I felt I was being told to change the narrative so as to show people that however useless they might feel themselves to be, we all have a purpose. Seeds sown take root, blossom and bear fruit. Hence we are Picked For a Purpose. I learned that mine was to write when my first book was published in 1983 followed by commissions from Hodder . my aim? To comfort others with the comfort I’d received. Which, from the letters I received from all over the world, I did.

  5. Ouch! I’m sorry for the surgery but I hope it has brought solution and you will heal speedily.

    We do all have purpose and when we find the purpose GOD has for us, there is no comparison for motivation it brings. Glad you’re working on your memoirs. It sounds like you have much to share for many who will benefit.

    Every blessing.

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