Writer Level Membership

Writer Membership benefits include access to these items:

  • Newsletters – Weekly community letter
  • Webinars and Classes (Web-Eds and Class fees apply)
  • Discounted Fees for selected Web-Eds
  • Vendor Team – We have vendors in many necessary services for publishing and promoting your books
  • Online Community–A forum for discussion of all topics regarding writing, publishing, and promoting
  • Writers Groups in the discussion forum
  • 1 hour with each of our Staff Experts  (1 time each)
  • Training Video Library
  • Your published books placed in our Book Shop
  • Your book launch or book featured in a blog post
  • FREE Keyword Search for your indie published book — We’ll use Dave Chesson’s keyword generator for keywords you can use in your book description and keyword lists on Amazon.com: Use the keywords that people actually use to find books just like yours.

Note:  Password should include letters, capital letters, symbols and numbers. A medium strength password is required for your protection!