Write, Write, Write

Is it for wealth? Is it a game, a compulsion, or a curiosity?

I believe for many of us, writing is a calling. It may be a ministry to GOD Himself, a means of prayer and relating to Him. It may be a ministry to others, a bit of evangelism or theology. It may be to encourage spiritual healing or growth, for ourselves — a kind of cathartic experience — or for others. But whatever the incentive, as followers of Jesus, I believe it is a mission and a calling to write, and we can take it seriously, respecting it is a purpose given to us from Father GOD.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your scribblings

I began to keep a journal when I was 9 years old. For a decade I wrote in a diary. Years later, as an adult wrestling with family and relationship matters, I took pen to paper again. To reflect and to help me to heal from bad decisions, and then to deepen my relationship to GOD I began to write to Him rather than to myself.

But I never considered myself a writer.

Until I felt called to it.

I first began to write formally because I sensed the LORD urge me. He simply spoke into my spirit and said, “Write”. So, I began my first serious foray into writing in 2000, when I wrote a novel, which by-the-way, will probably never see the light of day. The process taught me a lot though — not least of which was, “I can do this!”

Sometimes I’ve felt it was GOD’s way of occupying me. At other times it seemed His way of giving me the opportunity to express myself… to synthesise my spiritual journey to my creativity and my desire to love; sometimes I felt it was a vehicle for warning people of the signs of our times, or to encourage their healing, or to inspire their creative imagination.

Now I believe, in it’s entirely it is a ministry. Everything leading up to this point in my spiritual life has been preparation. A platform has been built on which I am to compose and share my thoughts, and now it’s time to use this platform as a springboard into people’s lives, to prepare them for His next phase for them.

And so I write to you.

Write, write, write as you are called

If you are called to write, do it!

I can’t tell you how many folks have said to me, “You’re an author? GOD has given me a book to write…” But although I encourage them, so many do not write it. Such a pity, I think. We must not underestimate the value of our message, the importance of getting it out, and of obeying the LORD.

Don’t overestimate your importance

On the other hand, if you’re like me and many others, we people have a tendency to blow up our own sense of importance when we are doing something creative. The art can become our everything and we think we are valuable because we have something creative to offer. Instead, I urge to keep a balance. What we are inspired to create comes from GOD. That awareness will keep us humble.

 Decide: Is this a hobby or a profession

How important is this writing, if we are going to do as GOD leads? The balancing act between fulfilling our call to write and investing equal time and energy towards promoting the work is essential, if people are actually to find, never mind read, the messages we feel called to write. This is a difficult issue. If GOD has called us to write, won’t He ensure the people who need it, will find it to read? I’ve not sorted this completely myself. There are billions of books out now, and the Amazon Library has so many books it could take 15 years just to stroll through the on-line shelves. We pray, but are we also called to do the practical application — the promotion — so that people can find our work? Certainly in the natural world, this is the only way forward today.

If this is something you want to apply yourself as a professional, the most important element is practice. Olympians, musicians, artists, surgeons, anyone who sees themselves as a serious persons in their work, must practice. Write and rewrite, edit, draft and redraft. That is the process to undertake when you want to create a piece of literature or an item for a paper. Letters to the newspaper editor, movie reviews, complaints and accolades to local politicians — these are purposeful reasons to write and they give you practice. Practice, practice, practice is what we all need to get better and to grow stronger in our work. Making mistakes is a part of learning, and is the way we learn best. Without practice we don’t make mistakes, so can’t make corrections, and therefore won’t improve.

 What about payment

A workman is worthy of his wage. But so many who work for the Kingdom get their wages in unique ways. GOD provides, but not always in a traditional way. Yes, excellent work is worthy of payment, but whether that comes in huge book sales, or as a freelancer’s wage, or as something else entirely I don’t know. What is more important, I believe, is to create an excellent product. The rest should take care of itself.

So, are you a writer? And if so, how do you know? Are you a professional or do you dabble?

It’d be great to hear from others:

When did you start writing for yourself? For an audience? Is there a difference to you?

What do you feel most naturally inclined to write: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry or…..?

What goals have you created for yourself: short term, medium term, long term?
What goals have to already satisfied?

Do you think you’ll ever stop writing? What would provoke you?
Have you written that book that GOD has placed on your heart? If not, what holds you back?

What is your GOD-given purpose for your writing?

How about creating your own Mission Statement…….

Sarah Tun is an author, developmental editor, ghostwriter as well as a professional voice for voice overs and narrations.

© 2020 Sarah Tun

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5 thoughts on “Write, Write, Write”

  1. Great article, Sarah. I started writing poetry when I was 14. Although I indie published a small book when I was 32 and wrote articles for business and denomination magazine, it wasn’t until I co-wrote a devotional book, under contract, for Barbour Publishing at age 67, that I considered myself an author. Even then, I didn’t consider it a calling. Now, at age 78, I know that it is. My ministry now is to help Christian authors get their books into the hands of readers around the globe. Matthew 24:14.

  2. Tim, your comment reminds me of this from Romans 8, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Amen. Your journey demonstrates how GOD’s gifting and our obedience leads to breakthrough and “good things”.
    Thanks for contributing.

  3. Sarah, writing was never my passion, but it is a useful tool. I know this is on oft-shared message, but God really did tell me that my meticulous daily training notes were going to become a book. I was skeptical, but He provided the title, the content, and the publisher. That was twelve years and ten books ago. I love your message because it speaks to both sides of a complicated equation.

    The critical point for folks I speak with is knowing our “why.” If writing is what God calls you to do, then that’s it. Do it to the best of your ability and to His glory.

    I have five Amazon best-sellers and steady book sales. Increasing my audience is great, until I forget that God brings the increase, not me. Where the line is drawn between His power and my commitment isn’t always clear. Rising statistics can be a tremendous temptation to focus on the right thing for the wrong reason.

    I can’t live on what I earn as a writer and content creator, but I know that some lives were changed for the better because of my work. God provides the necessities of life and enough affirmation to keep me on task.

    God’s Word never returns void, but that doesn’t mean that success is always measured by the number of fans and the amount of royalty checks. I’m a better writer every year, learned WordPress and how to do the publishing work myself. Every couple of years I invest in paid training because working in a vacuum is the quickest route to mediocrity.

    My passion is transformation. If writing is how I play the part God has for me in this season, then I’ll do it to the best of my ability. For me, it’s neither a hobby nor a profession, but more about obedience and remaining close to the Source of all truth.
    Blessings, Lynn

  4. Lynn, your comment is refreshing and will help many others I’m sure.
    Yes, I totally see your perspective.
    “Rising statistics can be a tremendous temptation to focus on the right thing for the wrong reason.” — so important we keep our focus on GOD’s purposes and trust in His provision.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Every blessing… both in your day-to-day life and in your writing.

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