Why keep your genre a secret?

By Tom Blubaugh


An author’s genre is a well-kept secret, at least in the world of social media profiles.

That raises this question: Why make it so hard for readers and authors to find what genre you write?  Suppose you write Sci-Fi—a very popular genre. However, just saying Sci-Fi is too broad. Amazon has several sub genres under Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Amazon gets it. They want readers to find exactly what they are looking for and when they find it, they know readers will buy. Being specific sells books. This is part of marketing.

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
    • Science Fiction History & Criticism
    • Science Fiction
    • History & Criticism Fantasy
    • Science Fiction Adventures
    • Galactic Empire Science Fiction
    • Epic Fantasy
    • Science Fiction & Fantasy
    • Fantasy
    • Gaming

It’s important to be transparent if you want to attract readers to your website, blog, and books. Think about a shopping mall. People go to the mall to shop. The mall has a multitude of stores. Have you ever been to a mall where there are no directories? Where the shops have no signs? No displays? Of course, you haven’t. The mall owner and the shop owners want you to find exactly what you are looking for easily.  The directory says with a big arrow, “You are here.” Once you know where you are, you can easily find where you want to go following the directory. Find the store you are looking for, and this is how you get there.

The store has a large sign that says, “here we are.” The window display says, “this may be what you are looking for, please come inside.” The store display says, “look at all we have to offer and here are our prices”. The staff says, “we are here to help you find exactly what you want.”

Shouldn’t your profile, your social media, your blog, and your website do the same?

If you need help in marketing, planning, and promoting your book or service, email me, Tom Blubaugh.

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9 thoughts on “Why keep your genre a secret?”

  1. Thanks for this; you’ve got me percolating. I recently figured out that my genre is “Stories of Divine Reversal.” If that label makes sense to anyone beyond just me-myself-and-I, then maybe I should add it to my various profiles in all those places. What do you think?

    1. Hi Whitney,

      It makes sense to me because I saw what you are trying to do with this new genre. Perhaps more folks would understand it better if you called it Divine Intervention? Just thinking out loud here…

      1. Whitney Moore

        That’s a good idea. My blog contains three types of posts: Divine Intervention, Direct Connect, and Divine Connections. Perhaps I’ve had known genre all along! Thanks for the feedback. Your feedback is always so GOOD!

    1. I am a very specific shopper, too. When seeking exactly what I want, I type in a whole sentence so my search is narrowed down. When shopping for books, I might use a little broader scope, but still more specific than just — Science Fiction, or just Children’s Books.

  2. How can I keep my genre secret, when no one seems to know what it is? Some say sci-fi, others urban sci-fi, still others do not know. Action adventure…no one knows. I have it out for re-edit and completing its pre-quill. I would post the titles, however do not know if that’s permissible here.

    1. I hear you, D. Owen! You can post your titles here, that’s okay. There are a lot of people who take exception to the Speculative Fiction label. However, when someone says Spec Fic, I generally think of fantasy with some Christian faith aspects. I have no idea what urban sci-fi is, but I’ve been disappointed when I’ve clicked on something that sounds like a good space opera and it turns out to be more medical science than futuristic… go figure!

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