Who Are Your Tribe?

I was always one of those people who enjoys their own company, but also gets inspired and gains a sense of well-being when attending a social occasion with like-minded people. Everyone finds there are some people they just don’t understand or just don’t feel any connection to, and others they instantly click with and recognize something of themselves in that person. There is some kind of chemistry.

‘Joanna’, says in her blog that you know your tribe when…

  • There is a chemistry from the first conversation.
  • Instant fire. Connection.
  • You feel at ease.
  • You discover: people see and appreciate you for things, you never thought about.
  • You feel nourished from the outside.
  • You receive support.
  • You are loved in your weakest moments. Sincerely.
  • And you don’t need the antidepressants anymore.
  • You don’t have to be anyone beyond of who you are already… to be loved and accepted.

Who Is Your Writing Tribe?

It is natural to gravitate towards people we share a common interest with or share religious or cultural ideals or heritage with.

I was brought up a Roman Catholic with Irish and English heritage, I loved English and history and religious knowledge at school and hated Maths. I love nature and the sea. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to stories and poetry, and get a buzz from taking part in drama, dancing, and swimming outside. I am interested in philosophy and psychology and I am naturally curious about many things. This is me and probably if that is you too we will find a connection.

So, in my writing these many things influence me. But what specifically influences the genre of writing I am interested in doing?

I am interested in writing for children because I enjoyed discovering books as a child, and I taught children for many years.

I write poetry because I have always enjoyed reading it and writing it from an early age.

I write short stories because I am not good at writing long pieces and also because I like encapsulating a small piece of a person’s life in a story that gives some insight of the bigger picture. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to write a novel, because I do and it will be set in a different period to my own and will follow someone’s life and what happens to them. Watch this space!

So, how I am connecting to my writing tribe?

I joined SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) to share and network with others involved in children’s books. I am also a local SCBWI volunteer for the Irish Midlands area.

I am a member of Longford Writers Group and I am the current chairperson. The many members represent many different genres of writing.

I have joined with other self-publishers in the Independent Irish Authors’ Collective.

I am also part of the online Authors Community, which provides a community and services to Christian authors.

I am also a member of many writing groups on Facebook, Goodreads and LinkedIn.

So go forth and find your tribe!

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