What is the Future of Book Publishing?

by Genevive Fosa

To know the future of publishing, the best we can do is follow the trends. For one thing, the popularity of E-books is diminishing. This is due to a number of factors. For one thing, the many people who bought their E-reading devices discovered that the little electronic things were not that dependable. Sure, they were handy, and one could store a few hundred books on them. However, they did break easily, and then, where were all those books? However, the variety of E-books that are available is enticing. Young adults who love their electronic devices are your best market for the e-books you publish.

On the other hand, you can buy a paperback book, read it, enjoy it, lend it to your friends, or keep it, if it is a book you like, and not be dependent on an e-reader to be able to read it again.
The market for audio books is on the rise, as more people discover how pleasant it is to have someone read to them. You can play an audio book while you drive to work, or putter around the house. Audio books are not simply for people who are blind. Publishing your manuscript in these formats can help you increase your sales.

Even if you sign a contract with a standard book publisher, you are expected to put time, money and effort into selling your book. Book talks, email lists and, and more, are all part of the game. Granted, if you are able to get such a contract, it is easier to make appointments with book stores to give your book talk. If you have self published, then you will have to find other venues for your book talks. Perhaps at local book clubs and care facilities, where there are elderly people who enjoy that sort of entertainment. Self publishing may be a good option, but you must establish your name as an author.

Part of the challenge of establishing your name as an author is to publish more than one book. Your first book may only sell a few copies, even if it is really well written. The second and third books help to enlarge your reading fans. When people like your second book, at least some of them will be interested in finding out what the first book was like, and so on, with the third and fourth books. This has always been true in thee book publishing industry. Often, the standard contract for Science Fiction and Fantasy writers stipulated that they write to publish a new book every ten months. This put a terrible strain on the writers, and many of them were not able to maintain the high quality of their work. Even so, in terms of marketing, especially if you are writing novels, you need to shoot for a new published manuscript every year.

Most marketing gurus speak of email marketing. Unfortunately, we are all deluged with constant emails from companies that have little to sell. Some of these companies send out three and four emails a day to the victims on their lists. They tend to be selling some fabulous deal that will double or triple in price, if you do not open your credit card up for them within the next five minutes. The next day, they are still selling the same, earth-shattering deal, and if you continue to read their emails, next month you will find that marvelous deal still on sale. Even after all that time, their ads claim that you must purchase their product within the next five minutes, in order to take advantage of their deal. The company has lost credibility. The thoughtful writer has little desire to emulate that sort of ad.

However, truth, innovation and creativity in advertising are always appreciated by the people on your list. And, that is what makes the work exciting.

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1 thought on “What is the Future of Book Publishing?”

  1. For me anyway the future of publishing relates to whatever I have to do to promote/sell/get-folks-to-download-my-FREE-PDF-e-book The Prodigal Band (and then buy the other two books in the series, Battle of the Band and The Prophesied Band. That is why I put the site up, joined Facebook (I really hated doing that what with their privacy violations), and blog and comment wherever. It is clear that young writers NEED to do e-books in YA fiction because, yes, most e-book readers are young adults (but I am getting some folks my age or so to download my free e-book). Another good piece of advice–get to your area folks first. If Jesus and His Apostles could do it…

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