Our goal with this Video Library is to help you help yourself.  We have spent countless hours helping authors and energetic entrepreneurs take a leap of faith to market their books.  The problem is times are changing so rapidly even within our own industry, it's hard to keep up.  We thought the best solution is to give you a practical place to learn these skills for yourself.  People helping people is always best.

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Common Sense Video Library is an online tool where authors can learn from others and gain skills necessary to market their products online.  We cover everything from how to create social media posts, edit your website, what is SEO?, how do I self-publish and more.  The titles are endless, so if you don't see what right away, be sure to use the search button!

Here you will find a wide variety of online videos you can watch to help with your marketing strategies and solutions to everyday how-to questions. Many Authors and Entrepreneurs get lost in the sea of information which causes them to get discouraged and give up on their publishing dreams. Our desire is to help Authors, Writers and Entrepreneurs accomplish their goals while learning how to market their product on their own.

We are constantly updating this area, so check back often!

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