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Julianne Rigali - Website Design / Re-Design / Maintenance / Content Writing  / Graphic Design / Book Cover Design /  Platform Building/Social Media / SEO -Search Engine Optimization

I enjoy graphic design and web design. I absolutely love SEO work, as it excites me when I can help a website rank higher in Search Engines by proper keyword placement without keyword stuffing, alt text for images, good navigation and links, etc. However, with SEO there is never a guarantee. And what works today may change tomorrow if Google changes their algorithm. I consistently learn the SEO techniques, accordingly.

I started web design back in 2002, when I moved to Texas. I was self-taught, but then eventually I went to the local college and began taking web development courses. I have worked in web design, SEO, and other related fields since 2002, but mostly part-time.

I enjoy non-fiction, as I'm always seeking to learn new skills in life.

I work part-time for a law enforcement training agency and thrive on marketing their classes, their website design, making new graphics to use, etc. Part of my job is keeping all things confidential, which means I blur out faces and tattoos of those currently working undercover, as well as materials, and some facilities which would be compromised otherwise. I am the only employee who has never been a member of a law enforcement agency, and I employ the utmost integrity and confidentiality standards.

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Services Provided:

I offer the following services:

Website Design (preferably with WordPress or Blogger)
SEO and Content Writing
Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing


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