Vendor – Jann W. Martin – Proofreader

Jann W. Martin—author, proofreader, teacher, speaker and blogger

Her dream is to captivate the hearts of children, by writing stories that teach them the Bible through the eyes of a child.

She has a B.A. in Early Elementary Education from Michigan State University (1972) and a retired Commissioned, Associate in Ministry from Trinity Lutheran Seminary (1999). She served as Youth Leader/Evangelism leader at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church for 5 years and as the Director of Family Ministry at Faith Community Presbyterian church for 4 years. Jann wrote curriculum for children and adults on several different topics.

Her first published book, in 2007 is This Babe So Small, the nativity told through the eyes of the innkeeper’s daughter and has sold over 2,000 copies. Released, by Elk Lake Publishing in 2015, Bible Characters Through the Ages, two time traveling children build a time travel machine called Yahweh’s Express and go back to meet the Bible Characters.  Book One: Adam in the Garden, Book Tow: Meeting Eve, Book Three: Watching David and Goliath, Book Four: The Amazing Esther, Book Five: Isaac and His Family, and Book Six: Jacob’s Journey.