Vendor – Gina Burgess – Editor, Book Coach, Illustrator

Gina Burgess - Editor, Book Coach
Picayune, Mississippi

While you do not absolutely need to have your manuscript edited before submitting to a publisher, magazine, newspaper, or an agent, you should try to be objective about your work. As an author, I know that I am too close to what I've created to be able to see where the fat can be trimmed, or which parts are unclear. I need an objective discerner for that. Every solid piece of writing can be tweaked and trimmed into an excellent work. After all, Ernest Hemingway wrote a poignant story in just six words: Baby shoes for sale. Never used. Therefore, consider what type of editing you need.


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I offer the following services:

Book Coach -- I can help you get your manuscript ready to be self-published. I've got plenty of experience in this with expertise in CreateSpace, Ingram, and I also specialize in content analysis (big picture) for both fiction and non-fiction, and realistic dialogue for characters in fiction (I make sure characters stay in character, and in the era they live in). I specialize in clients who have English as their 2nd language.

Characterization & Dialogue Editor -- I will help you bring your characters to life.

Illustrator -- I do book covers, children's book illustrations, some graphic novels (no intense, graphic violence or sex, please!). I will prepare your book marketing materials (bookmarks, postcards, posters) print ready. I also do logos, graphic design, and art of any type: portraits, landscapes, combining photos for a unique illustration, cartoons, coloring books, and much more.

Script Analysis/Critique -- When you've finished your script, I will do an in-depth analysis of characters, continuity, descriptions, and other details so you can be sure the director and actors will completely understand your story. This will ensure that you'll see exactly what you envisioned on the screen instead of something from the director's head.