Types of Editing

by Jann Martin

We ALL need help with editing. Even the people that type the messages into electronic signs. We passed this one the other day.

At Authors Community we want to help you with all of the steps of making your manuscript be the best it can be.

When we get your manuscript through our REAL STUFF! Manuscript Bundle program, we have several steps in our editing:

Manuscript Evaluation/Content Critique: Our team reads your manuscript and makes sure it follows our guidelines as family friendly, there is also a bit of developmental editing to make sure the manuscript is ready for the editing process.

Substantive and Structural Editing: also called developmental editing, is focused on concept and intended use, content, organization, and style. The purpose is to make the reading experience flow in good order, not just to make it correct and consistent. This type of editing is almost entirely analysis-based, whether at the document level or at the paragraph, sentence, or word level.

Copy Editing or Line Editing: In this step the manuscript is reviewed and corrected to improve the readability, for accuracy, line by line and paragraph by paragraph. We check for errors in clarity of grammar, repetitive phrases and words, something left out, or not consistent throughout.

Proofreading: Finally, the team makes sure all of the errors have been corrected and the manuscript is ready for you to send to the publisher.

These two types of editing are available through our Services Request, but do not come included in the REAL STUFF! Manuscript Bundle:

Character Development: This is where the team looks to see if your characters seem lifelike. Are they complex, fully developed people? Do your readers feel like they are reading about someone they’d like to meet?

Story Idea Development: The editor will look for a flow of your story and characters. Does the story and your characters grow as the writing progresses? Do you have the reader wanting to read more?

For even deeper information about the different types of editing, check out our page on the subject.

Our team wants to work with you. We love to read, and love to help authors create high quality books to love. We want to help you write the best book you can. Then teach you how to promote and sell that wonderful book. Then you can send us a picture of your book on a shelf at a store or on Amazon.

Look at our site for the Manuscript Bundle. It shows you the whole process from proof reading to ready for publication and marketing your baby.

Jann Martin is CSO of Common Sense Marketing Strategies, LLC, author, proofreader, teacher, speaker and blogger Her dream is to captivate the hearts of children, by writing stories that teach them the Bible through the eyes of a child. She has a B.A. in Early Elementary Education from Michigan State University (1972) and a retired Commissioned, Associate in Ministry from Trinity Lutheran Seminary


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