Top 10 Reader’s (and Reviewer’s) Complaints

Top 10 Reader’s Complaints
 TN Wesley did some research on and discovered some regularly appearing complaints from reviewers and readers. Here are the top ten:

  1. Unreal and underdeveloped characters who feel like stick figures.
  2. Overly wordy prose laced with grammatical errors and typos.
  3. Dull, predictable, repetitive stories written in a confusing style.
  4. Keeping readers waiting for a climax that never comes.
  5. Lazy writing, flimsy and unbelievable storyline.
  6. Writers with no clue of human nature.
  7. Unrelatable characters who are difficult to care about.
  8. Crimes stories which are too violent and obscene for readers to stomach.
  9. Politically biased prose.
  10. Poorly researched stories.

Question: Which one of the above would a professional editor allow you to slip-slide into publishing?

Answer: None, not one, not any.

Question: Why are the above complaints so common from readers and reviewers?
Answer: Indie-published authors have a tendency to forego hiring a professional to edit their work.

Solution: Save up for a professional editor, or find one that will take monthly payments. Don’t skimp on the thing that will make sure readers continue to purchase your books.

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