Things Are Cookin’ at Authors Community

Tom Blubaugh and I have developed a community designed to minister to authors pursuing their writing career with help in writing craft, polishing manuscripts, publishing the final product, and then teaching them how to market their product and brand their names. It’s a long, involved process.

Our mission is to infuse society worldwide with godly principles and godly talents by supporting wholesome literature writers who create their projects in fellowship in a relaxed environment through our services and forum discussions.

Some of our members have achieved some remarkable things in this past year. One author has published a book of Christian songs she wrote with illustrations. Another author has stepped out of her comfort zone and produced several training videos to share what she’s learned as a writer and in social media. One South African author has a publishing contract for her series about Christians in Uganda. Here in North America, authors who never considered branding themselves are working toward established brands. Still others have embraced encouragement about their writing from authors in the Authors Community Discussion Forum.

We started this venture in June of 2016 with two members. Today we have about 600 members. We are continuing to build a safe place for authors to learn from each other, network and promote each other. We have vetted service providers who are established in their careers of copyediting, developmental editing, proofreading, illustrating (book covers and children’s books), book formatting (ebook and print), publishing and more.

It would seem that we’ve got it all covered. But we don’t.

Our faith that this is what God has asked us to do is so deep, we’ve devoted our time and expertise without much regard to our own support as we’ve designed and assembled the bones of this organization. We know most of our Starter members (free membership) cannot afford to spend huge amounts of money to establish themselves as published authors. They need the free membership, and we’re trying hard to keep that part free for them.

In order to stand firmly on a solid foundation, we need to develop online courses and training videos since videos are the wave of the future. These videos and courses would go in two libraries: One library would be free with snippets of videos from the full courses, and the other would be our pay-to-view library bringing in a stable revenue stream. These would help propel Authors Community into a self-sustaining organization. However, we not only need to develop the videos, we need to get the word out when they are available. That will require more revenue than we are receiving now.

We need your help, please.

Once the training foundation is laid, we want to fill our video shelves with interviews of highly successful authors. We’ll provide our members with many examples of how to make sure their writing business flourishes. These interviews will be on writing craft, ways to get inspired, how to work through writer’s block and many other problems writers face. Another goal we’ve set is to offer scholarships for courses. Everyone has a story, but not everyone knows how to write it.

Our cash flow covers bare minimum expenses and we’re showing a slight profit. However, we are at the point where some expansion is needed for better growth, and more website security. To produce the high quality videos that will attract a lot of attendees, we also need to draw in high profile instructors.

We just purchased a website for marketing wholesome, family-friendly ebooks with a lot of faith and half the purchase price. We need to come up with the rest of it in three months’ time. We know God will provide, He always does for His work to be done.

We need you.

Will you help us in our endeavor? We’d have the financial bridge to offer high-quality web-eds, encouraging interviews from well known authors, possibly some scholarships for burgeoning authors, writing contests, and more.

Your one-time gift, of any amount, will be greatly appreciated.

Your donation isn’t tax deductible, it won’t help little puppies or kittens, it won’t solve any of the world’s problems, it won’t make any political statement. It will help bring some feelings of chaos into order for some authors, and will help promote wholesome reading material for people around the world. It will also help ensure this blog and our newsletter keeps coming to you.

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