The Waiting Game

by Jann W. Martin

Are you playing the waiting game?

I am. It can be really frustrating. In November, 2018 I sent my proposal to my assistant agent. It’s for my Bible Characters Through the Ages series. Daniel and Sarah, brother and sister, build a time travel machine and go back to meet the Bible Characters. It’s been fun learning about the times and to see what Sarah and Daniel get into. My imagination really gets to have some fun.

November seems like a really long time ago.

In the publishing world it’s really not that long though. It can take up to nine months for a publisher to get back to you.

It’s hard to remember that we are not the only ones sending in manuscripts and proposals. There’s only so much time in a day for the editors to read through the many proposals they receive. It’s our job to write the most eye-catching proposal we can. Pray before we click send, then find something to do while we wait.

I turned my time to a new series, Jann’s Basics, teaching beginners how to do many different handcrafts. The first book is on beginning quilting. I taught myself how to quilt, with a pattern from a magazine, about 40 years ago. I learned the hard way how to do things.  There so much to learn when you first decide that you want to tackle a new craft. I wish I had done more research and found people to help me. My books will teach the basics, and how to learn and find answers on the best way to complete a project.

I wrote up a proposal, attached the foreword, and first two chapters, then sent it to the assistant agent in March, 2019. Once again, the waiting game.

Now what do I do with my time?

I actually have the first six books written for my series. So, I’m using my time to go back and work on them some more. Since I first wrote them, I have learned so much more about using the senses in my writing.

I’ve heard many times from other authors and teachers to show not tell. I have tried to do this. However, a friend, Rene, has been critiquing my manuscripts for me in our Word Weavers group. She has been helping me to learn how to really set up a scene. To write what the characters see, feel, hear, their emotions, and even to sense something about to happen. Her help is making my manuscripts much better.

I pray that I get to show the editor that has my proposal for Bible Characters Through the Ages, my improved manuscripts. I have been working hard and would love to have children read the books and learn more about the people in the Bible that are important to God’s story.

Are you playing the waiting game?

What are you working on?

Let’s help each other get through this time together. We can form a support/critique group. We can improve our manuscripts in the anticipation of when they will be published.

You can email me at

Jann W. Martin, CSO is a partner here at Authors Community. She is an author, proofreader, and in charge of details. Check out her children’s books series on


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3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game”

  1. Margaret Welwood

    I have a couple of manuscripts out, both children’s picture books, and I’ve started to target children’s magazines. When I first started freelance writing, magazines were quite wiling to give a new writer a chance if she had an interesting topic. Some of my first articles were about a popular local artist who had won some international acclaim. Local publications, as well as others, were pleased to feature him, and Reader’s Digest even used one of his paintings for their back cover.

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