Strength in Numbers

There are some of us who tend to fly solo. I can be like that. By nature, I’m an introvert who has no trouble being alone for hours or days or possibly even weeks at a time. I’m usually self-motivated and go after goals on my own. It isn’t that I’m anti-social. I like people. I enjoy good friends. I like to meet-up with a good friend of mine and chat over tea. My husband and I attend community events, but I like them planned out and not too close together. I need solitude between my social engagements.

Writing is solitary work that I find enjoyable. To hole-up and work alone, my thoughts lost in choosing words, constructing sentences, and doing my best to convey a message or offer an enjoyable story is fun and rewarding. It does take concentration to write well, so it’s only natural to find a secluded place where interruptions are few and go to work. Because it’s normal for authors to work in solitude, we can sometimes forget the benefit of interacting with other authors. It’s good to get out of our own heads and hear what others are doing and how they operate. We learn from each other.

One year ago, I joined Christian Authors Community and Services. I first became aware of this group from a message I received on LinkedIn. It’s somewhat interesting that I found this group there, as I had spent very little time on LinkedIn. However, CEO Tom Blubaugh caught site of me and sent the message. I sent him a rather long reply. He seemed approachable. He replied. Out of curiosity, I looked up the group and became interested in what the group had to offer, with little cost and possibly great benefit. It wasn’t long before I made the decision to join and jump in.

The first meeting I attended, I was warmly welcomed and immediately had three new friends—author friends. It was wonderful. Since that first day, I believe I’ve only missed one meeting, and I was disappointed I couldn’t attend. I enjoy the thirty minutes of socializing and have found the meetings immensely helpful. The group has covered many issues authors face from getting down to writing, editing, proof reading, choosing good cover designs, branding ourselves, building relationships and readership, promoting our books in ways valuable to ourselves and our readers. We’ve been taught how to use social media, build websites, are offered author interviews, and much more. We can freely asked questions either to the group or privately to another member. There are those in the group who offer author services for fair prices.

The group was designed with the idea of authors helping authors and that is exactly what I have experienced. There is no competition. We are there to help each other and to learn. I have gleaned many new ideas and put a few of them to use. As I do, I learn what best works for me and discover untapped abilities and learn new skills. I believe God led me to Christian Authors Community and Services and I have been blessed far more than I expected.

I’m proud to be a member of this group.

Nancy Kuykendall

Author of five non-fiction books

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