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Chief Executive Officer


Readership Building Coach

Tom Blubaugh was raised in a small town in southeast Kansas. He began writing poetry at age fourteen, but has written nonfiction most of his adult life. He self-published his first book, Behind the Scenes of the Bus Ministry, in 1974, and wrote articles for denominational and business magazines from 1975 through 1995. He co-wrote The Great Adventure for Barbour Publishing Co. in 2009. Bound by Faith Publishers published his first novel, Night of the Cossack, in April, 2011 at age of 69.

Tom has been a public speaker for over forty years, a business manager and a marketing entrepreneur for nearly fifty years, and is currently a Literary Strategist (book marketing coach) working one-on-one with authors and writers in all aspects of the publishing arena, social media, brand building, and book marketing. Tom has been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1973, and is married to Barbara; they have six children and fourteen grandchildren.

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Clancy Tucker interviews Tom

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Sarah Tun – Writing Coach, Developmental Editor, Ghost Writer, Audio Book Recorder

Writing Coach

Writers-Future Authors

  • Improve your writing craft
  • Receive author guidance

There’s a proverb that reads:

“Do you see a man who excels in his work?
He will stand before kings;
He will not stand before unknown men.” (Proverbs 22:29)

When I tell people I’m an author, many say, “I’ve got a book to write…”

I can tell because you are reading this that you’ve got a book to write. Isn’t now the time to write it?

I will help you with your Confidence and Competence to Completion.

$60/hour USD or £50


Developmental Editing

Taking a detailed analysis and proceeding through your book together, I will help you to redraft your manuscript to ensure

all the threads in the storyline are satisfied by the end of the story. I’ll look at continuity, character development, to ensure

there is consistency throughout. I can give you a general overview or detailed feedback on your piece. Large projects can be

priced individually. Otherwise, I’ll look at a chapter of your MS free, and give you directional feedback. Then you can decide

if you’d like to take it further.

$60US / £50 per hour


Audio Book Recording Artist

I am a former British Actor’s Equity actress and will record your book for a fee which is 1/3 the going rate.

Sarah is a qualified teacher of drama and English as well as a published author of several titles, both non-fiction and fiction.

$75/hour recording USD/Euro or £60/hour


Ghost Writer

Living Underwater is a ghost project I can tell you about because my name is on the cover, “as told to”.

Writing for Kati Lepisto, a super model who had a stroke at 20 and tells her story of overcoming the misery and challenge

of living as a quadriplegic, was an inspiration and a joy. You can find her book at Amazon.

When I do a ghost project, I spend quality time with the “author” — face to face and on-line — where we develop a

relationship that enables the “author’s voice” to shine through the writing. I take the idea, be it a fiction or a memoir, and

expand, always giving a clear time frame and content summary, chapter by chapter, to avoid misunderstandings or


Ghost projects vary in cost but on average are about £25,ooo.oo or US equivalent + expenses per MS.


Margaret Welwood – Editor
Margaret has edited picture books for children and adult Bible study materials. She edited a non-fiction book that won first place in the reference category of the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Other works she edited have received 5-star reviews.

Editing services for non-fiction, and for *squeaky clean*, family friendly fiction. She prefers children’s books rather than adult fiction.

* Proofreading for spelling, typos and punctuation

* Editing for word choice (including precise, overused, and unnecessary words), sentence structure, and paragraphing, and rhyming.

Michelle Janene Murray – has served as a critique group leader for both adults and students for the last decade. She loves to help writers to the next level of the writing career. She served for seven years as the head of the editing team for the annual anthology produced by Inspire Christian Writers. As the founder of Strong Tower Press, she aids writers to become authors. As an indie author, Michelle has published nine novels. A lover of God, a prolific writer, encouraging coach, Michelle loves to serve the Christian writing community.

Michelle provides in depth manuscript critiques.


Rob Jewel is expert in social media graphic arts and promotions.

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