Spiritual Emphasis or Twist

I recently posted some blog items on social media that were, what I’d consider,  hot topics today:

  1. on women speaking and leading in church and
  2. on the bride of Christ becoming ready for his return.

(Hot topics are ideas or subjects that potentially lead to heated arguments if one is inclined to argue rather than discuss.)

As a result, I attracted some new readers and have engaged with them in meaningful ways.

Social Media craves gossip and commentary. I aim to create the latter, providing a spiritual emphasis or “twist”.

Ascertaining what folks will want to read and writing what’s on my heart sometimes come together in a meaningful and timely post. Praise GOD!

How do you gauge whether something that is on your heart will touch the interest and heart of others?

It’s important to be relevant, so that others will read. But is being relevant enough? In my experience, it isn’t. Relevance can be shallow or it can penetrate the heart at just the right time. God’s relevance and timeliness is incredible as Margaret pointed out a few posts ago.

Some people have a real knack for being relevant and timely, sensing the mood of society at any given moment. Lots of people are intrigued by such posts and that’s great! Others (like me) have a lower profile, or rather a smaller audience. But one thing is key, we must write about what we care about and share what we know… aiming for a big audience is not my target. I aim to please the audience of One, and when I prayerfully, carefully write, hearts and minds are touched, and that is what matters. When I listen to His direction as I write, I know He will bring the person or persons to read the message who need that message. God provides  the spark to start conversations among His people for edification and to draw the lost to Himself.

Glory to GOD, inspiring others, fulfilling our Call: These are the priorities of the Christian author. GOD Bless. May He inspire you even more, and may you enjoy creating for the King.

In your writing, how has God inspired you lately? What discussions have you joined or started lately?

Sarah Tun is an author, developmental editor, ghostwriter as well as a professional voice for voice overs and narrations.

© 2020 Sarah Tun

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