Selling vs Marketing with Tom Blubaugh

Walk with Tom Blubaugh for a few minutes and see the difference between selling and marketing.

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2 thoughts on “Selling vs Marketing with Tom Blubaugh”

  1. I like the basic analogy, but have a different take on explaining the two. Your first take is a gret one: However, I see the second (marketing) differently. Marketing at the Farmer’s Market is more like “funny” descriptions on the vegetables. For example: “Our Apples are so good that even the Wicked Witch would hesitate to give one away.” _Potatoes so good they almost roast themselves.” “Jack (O’Lantern) would jump to be one of our pumpkins.” “Blueberries so tasty, you only need one per pancake. (Five per cobbler/pie)” “Our Cucumbers so good they are dying to be pickled.” :Our tomatoes are here. because they couldn’t catsup.” “Lettuce pray for our wish to be in your salad.”
    See what I mean?

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