Real Stuff Webinar – Tom Blubaugh


Are You a Hobby Writer or an Author?

presented by Tom Blubaugh

LIVE October 28 at 2pm CDT time
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How strange would it be to suddenly see a building sprout in a community and remain vacant-no advertising, no stock, no staff, just a name. Maybe not even the a sign with the name of the owner-just a business name that no one can identify. Crazy, right? Yet many authors write a book or books without branding their name, building social media relationships, developing their target market, growing an email list, becoming transparent through blog articles, making their website sticky, and placing their books on Amazon without doing any serious promotion.

Tom Blubaugh will discuss the importance of authors understanding the difference between having a hobby and managing a business.  Topics include:  You are either a hobby writer or an author, How you can know which one you are, Are you in or out of your zone?, ‘M’ is the word, Perspective is everything, Knowing the answer is key, 1, 2, or 3?, The strategy.