Crafting Memorable Dialogue


Learn from n award winning author, Joni Fisher how to write great dialogue for your characters.



by Joni Fisher

We’ve all slogged through novels with boring, predictable, or chit-chat dialogue. In many genres, dialogue makes up half of the novel, so dialogue can make or break your bond with readers. These topics are covered in the workshop:

  • Identify the purposes and limitations of dialogue.
  • Infuse dialogue with conflict. Make each conversation matter. One acting technique and nine elements show how to enliven any dialogue ranging from polite debates to violent confrontations.
  • Construct dialogue with depth of meaning that flows at two levels.
  • Fine tune dialogue to create suspense and raise questions in the reader’s mind.
  • Transform predictable exchanges into memorable, fresh dialogue using a simple creativity technique.
  • Craft believable, dynamic conversations that cut to the chase. Apply the less-is-more adage to dialogue. Learn when to summarize and use fragment quotes.
  • Talk the talk. Individualize characters through dialogue using any of eleven revealing markers. See how to conduct field research for dialogue.
  • Apply the stimulus/response pattern to maintain clarity of action in a scene.
  • Use dialogue tags, action tags and thought tags to show character’s goals, motivations and conflicts.
  • Format and punctuate dialogue properly.
  • Q&A and return of critiques.


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