No Guts, No Story — Inspiring words


by Gina Burgess

No Guts, No Story — Inspiring words It conjured up all kinds of images from my childhood of movie and TV characters that had plenty of guts such as Tarzan (and Jane and Cheeta), Superman, Lone Ranger (and Tonto), Toooooom Terrrrific! (Captain Kangaroo), Johnny Quest, and many others.

 The quote led me to Google Chris Brady to find out what kind of person could put four ordinary words together to inspire such images and remembrances. I found a fascinating man, but that isn’t what this post is about. However, I did find another extraordinary quote by him: A good book is hard to read, on account of how often it makes you stop and think.Chris Brady 
So we now have two quotes that are inspiring. One is about character and story, the other is about kind of product and the results a good product produces.
Both quotes inspired me in writing the sequel to my sci-fi book. I need to make my writing as good as it can possibly be. Not that I’m trying change the world, but I have several purposes such as creative purpose, inspirational purpose, and obedient purpose. I’m wondering what quotes inspire you, and how they inspire you. If they inspire you, then surely they will inspire someone else. Correct? Of course correct.
There are some wonderful four word quotes by famous people that can definitely be inspiring to authors, editors, publishers, and other folk who do not lead double lives with multiple personalities. Here are a few, but I did not take the time to track down who said what…
— Collect moments, not things.
— Apology accepted; trust denied.
— You are your choices.
— Hold on. Pain ends.
— I am still learning.
— Broken hearts love better.
— Your happiness is homemade.
Share your four-word quote with the rest of us. You may never know how much you inspired a colleague, friend, or Joe Blow and Jane Doe. Share big. Reap more.
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9 thoughts on “No Guts, No Story — Inspiring words”

  1. Here’s mine, especially for wannabe authors: Your voice, not others’. Too many writers jump on some bandwagon that’s just a fad. Of course, this is just a shortened version of Oscar Wilde’s famous quote: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

    1. Today in Southern Mississippi we woke to a rare sight–snow still on the ground that fell yesterday morning and it was 28 degrees. Jeannemarie, you quotable “Cold brings us closer” made me laugh and nod my head. It sure does! It also reminded me of Solomon’s four word quote: “Laughter works like medicine”

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