Name change…

We know that our name does not say it all. It only reflects a small portion of what we do. So, we have decided to change our name to something that will reflect well on us and our efforts in our mission.

Here is our Mission Statement:

Bringing GOD back into society by supporting Christian writers to create, complete, and market their GOD-given work, therefore helping readers to find wholesome, faith-based and family-friendly literature.

Matthew 18:19-20 β€œWhere two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.

Here are a few we’ve come up with…

Book Bundle – offering beginning to end services for authors
Watered Garden
Ashes to Beauty
Straight Path
Threefold Cord — Ecc. 4:11-12
Kingdom Kin or Kingdom Connection
Ever Spring
Break Forth
Spring Forth
Authors for Christ – Building stronger authors
Just a few to think about…
Or give us your own idea. No, really. Please.
If we choose your idea, you win a T-Shirt πŸ™‚ Our thanks to you.
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14 thoughts on “Name change…”


        Dear Gina: I have a novel idea for a new name. Maybe you will consider it for this site. Express Yourself With Words From The Genius Mind Within To The World Outside! Or idea 2. How To Profit With The World Of Words : A Writer’s Prophecy Guide What do you think of my suggestions Gina for future authors? From Rosemarie Pundsack ( An aspiring author with an inspirational mind from God!

  1. I think Christian authors Community & Services is great. However, some people, including me, do not consider themselves to be authors, especially if they haven’t published anything, traditional or indie. But they do think of themselves as writers. The name could be Christian Writers Community & Services. And then, there are writers who think the word Christian means the writing needs to be spiritual. I write fiction and my characters are not living an overt Christian life. But, when they face a challenge beyond what they can handle they go to something like, “Oh, God help me!” They may not see it as a prayer but later they see there was a strength beyond their own. I had a discussion with Tom Blubaugh about this when I joined Authors Community,

    1. Great points, Pat. I doubt there would be anything we could think of that would be perfect. But I’m leaning toward Christian Authors Community & Services because it’s simple, logo doesn’t have to change, just add the extra words; home page URL for the company doesn’t have to change. What I hope is that anyone new to our brand would understand the writer needs to be Christian, not necessarily the works of the writer…

  2. I Like Christian Authors Com…etc. It may be a little long though. How about, ‘Wright for life’. Maybe Christian Authors Com…etc can be a subheading in the Blog.

    1. Hi Byron πŸ™‚

      I think we’ve decided on Christian Authors Community & Services as the umbrella name. Our other names for what we offer are, Real Stuff that will include our Book Bundle and Marketing Classes, and Video Training, and finally our Blog and Community forum. Although we haven’t voted on it yet πŸ™‚

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