Marketing and following GOD are not so different life skills

by Sarah Tun

Does God’s One Way Communication mirror today’s Online Marketing Strategies?

In a word, Yes… I think it does.

We need to connect with GOD and yet we miss Him so often, at least I do. He is patient, loyal and steadfast, waiting for us to sit, wait, listen.

So it is with online marketing. The big network is there, waiting for us. We send messages that (often) miss our target. But we still try to get our message to our target audience, unaware of how to actually make a connection that will get our message “home”.

So, GOD is there, the universe of readers is there. We aim and shoot for our target, but we miss.

And it works the other way too: GOD is there, with His message for us, and He sends it, but often we miss His point (if not His message completely).

And our audience is there, waiting for our message, wondering how to find “just the write/right story” that will fill that gap in their learning or their entertainment.

So, how do we rectify both situations?

With GOD, we wait upon Him. Isaiah 40:31a says, “But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; ” I understand this to mean that he who waits for GOD to speak to him (through His Word, through an impression, audibly or through another person are just some ways He speaks to us), will receive what he needs to receive.

With our online opportunities, one way is to build relationships within Authors Community. It’s one start. Here we can find people to excite our creativity, strategies to connect with our audience, and inspiration through fellowship together and with GOD.

So, let’s get busy? Nope. Let’s sit and listen instead, for that prompting that will lead us to communicate effectively. Then our efforts will hit “home” in a beautiful and wonderful — and effective — way. You have knowledge that God has given you, don’t hesitate to share with others what you have learned. The forum is a great place to build lasting relationships that will not only help others, but help you as well.

Sarah Tun is a Vendor Partner at Authors Community, a Writing Coach, Developmental Editor, Ghost Writer, Audio Book Recorder To contact Sarah, please fill out our Authors Request Form.

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