Manuscript Preparation and Marketing Bundle Agreement

This agreement serves as a binding contract between Authors Community and the author of said book below.

Authors Community (AC) will assess the book to ensure it complies with AC guidelines and is ready for copyediting.

AC reserves the right to decline any manuscript for any reason. AC may decide the book has merit but needs considerable development before it can be undertaken. In this event, AC may recommend a developmental edit to prepare the manuscript for copyediting. AC has expert developmental editors who help authors with this step, but this step is not in the basic manuscript bundle and bears a separate cost.

Once the manuscript is accepted, AC will provide copyediting, which includes a content analysis addressing character development, tweaking dialogue, narrative issues, transitions, and suggestions for fixing what might not make sense where needed. Also included in copyediting is editing for story flow and clarity, character dialogue consistency. The copyeditor may also correct some grammar and punctuation, which might otherwise interfere with clarity and story flow.

There are two editing passes in the basic bundle:

(1) The copyeditor will make suggestions to correct problems and inconsistencies all the while maintaining the author’s voice as closely as possible. He/She will then send the manuscript to the author. Please note: The author is responsible for fixing the issues noted by the copyeditor. The author either accepts or rejects changes and answers all of the copyeditor’s queries, and then return the manuscript to the copyeditor.

(2) The copyeditor will incorporate those changes and corrections in the manuscript on the second pass through the manuscript highlighting and making suggestions for any further problems, and then send the second edited draft back to the author.

It is the author’s responsibility to check and double check that all the suggestions have been addressed and incorporated into the manuscript or rejected for whatever reason. The author will then send the manuscript back to the copyeditor who will give the manuscript a final review, and then forwards directly to the proofreader.

The proofreader will address punctuation, grammar usage (incorrect grammar in dialogue won’t be corrected), capitalization, typos, and other mechanical/technical issues.

The manuscript is then sent to be formatted. After formatting, the manuscript is sent back to the author for approval of the galley.

Let it be emphasized here: The author is responsible for checking the finalized galley proof for any and all errors. (While AC endeavors to produce an error-free manuscript, some errors can slip past. It is up to the author to find those and notify AC of the errors in a timely fashion.)

The author approves the galley by attaching the proof to an email using the subject line: Approved Proof.

While the manuscript is in the process described above, the author will be engaged with the marketing coach to prepare for the book launch. Marketing coaching is a benefit of the Author Level membership, which is included in the manuscript bundle (See Author Level membership benefits for how marketing coaching works and other benefits available to the author for one year membership included in the bundle.)

At the same time, the website designer will meet with the author to discuss the website set up (hosting service, domain registration fees, and website maintenance are the responsibility of the author) to discuss options. The website will then be designed with the platform with a site created especially for the author. If the author already has a website, the website designer will evaluate that website and offer suggestions for better search engine optimization (SEO) and other necessary website mechanics for authors.

The author will also work with the book cover artist who will endeavor to produce the author’s vision for a book cover as long as it works best as a cover. The artist needs a complete description of what the author envisions. If the author has no idea, the artist will schedule a meeting and discuss the options. AC will endeavor to get the cover as close to the author’s vision as possible without compromising the best possible graphic design.

After the manuscript has been approved by the author, the keyword research and Amazon category research will help the author put the book in the correct places for sale. AC will help the author perform the searches and provide a list for the author.

With Indie (or Self-) Publishing, the author keeps all the royalties. Coaching and discussion about Indie Publishing will be ongoing so the author is well aware of the responsibilities required for Indie Publishing. This service is also a benefit of the Author Level membership (see the benefits of Author Level membership for how this works). If the author desires to choose a different route from indie publishing the book, then the author can opt to submit the finished manuscript elsewhere for publication and/or seek an agent.

Authors Community obligations have been fulfilled when the manuscript is ready for publication and the Authors Community seal of approval has been applied to the copyright page. is owned and operated by Common Sense Marketing Strategies, LLC.

For a Flowchart of the process click here.


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