Manuscript Bundle

Manuscript Bundle

Get your book ready for publication and beyond.

We don’t publish your book and we don’t take your royalties. But we do…

… Offer the best cost effective service available anywhere–We believe you won’t find a better offer.

… Make sure you have the best book possible going to the publisher of your choice.

Basic Services REAL STUFF! Bundle includes all the basic services you need to publish a professional product.

Basic Package Includes:

  • Author Level membership at Christian Authors Community & Services –
  • Manuscript Assessment (We don’t accept just any manuscript. It has to meet our standards. Manuscripts must meet our guidelines here.)
  • Editing: Substantive editing and copy editing (Includes deep editing with suggestions on how to improve readability and your writing.) Developmental editing is available on request, or by recommendation.
  • Formatting print and ebook
  • Proofreading
  • Book Cover
  • Readership building Coaching – includes 1 year Author Level Membership in Authors Community
  • Permanent Advertising on
  • Complete WordPress Website designed especially for authors (If you already have a website, we’ll assess it to make sure it is working for you as an author website should.)
  • Keyword Research and Category Research
  • Indie Publishing Coaching
  • Christian Authors Community & Services seal of approval logo (meaning family-friendly reading, high quality product) that you can put on your copyright page.

Once your manuscript has traveled through our process, it will be a sparkling treasure for you to present to the world of readers through the publisher of your choice, or better yet, indie publish yourself and keep all your royalties.

The benefits to you are enormous.

  1. Grouping services gives you better pricing than doing it piecemeal.
  2. A team working in one accord is better for all concerned.
  3. You keep all the royalties if you indie publish.
  4. You don’t have to menu shop services from a hybrid publisher. Hand in a sparkling product ready to print.
  5. No worries that a publisher’s editor will change your voice or change your story to make it fit a cookie-cutter mold for marketing.
  6. You experience all the benefits of the Authors Community team during your journey to perfect your book including all their expertise.
  7. Christian authors and editors working with Christian authors to do God’s work around the world. It’s biblical. It’s the Great Commission.

(*Christian Authors Community & Services does not publish books. We make books publish-ready.)

Please read and submit our agreement. Manuscript Fine-Tuning and Marketing Coaching Agreement

Please read our guidelines to make sure your book meets our standards.


Cost Comparison from Our Research

We GET it. Indie Publishing is scary and can be expensive.

Need a service all by itself?

You can purchase a single service or just a few by clicking the drop down menu. To add more than 1 service, click the Continue Shopping link. (Price for manuscript assessment is subject to change without notification. First 50,000 words is $50, $50,000 and up $72.)

Manuscript Services

Manuscript Services