Impostor Assassin: A Thriller Novel

Impostor Assassin is a novel about a man willing to risk his life to save the world. Independent publishing is facing a new enemy. This new threat to authors, agents and publishers is everywhere.
The mega-corporation, SWAMP, has taken over the world’s media outlets and it is now taking over lives. A legion of assassins are on the hunt for the one person who can stop them, a hero with a vision to save writing and publishing in the world.

An army of SWAMP Assassins and Impostors keeps the world bowed on its knees under the Scepter of SWAMP. No author, agent, nor publisher is safe from the tentacles of SWAMP Assassins. Who can you trust, when anyone could be a SWAMP Assassin, even your own son? When SWAMP enters your life, it snuffs out your humanity.

Can one man save publishing in a world controlled by SWAMP? Can he wade through the evil and deception so humanity can be free?

This novel teems with ideas on the advancement of writing and publishing in the future.
It stretches the limits of publishing and overcomes the barriers to indie publishing. The story is packed with suspense and conspiracies. There is a  Renaissance of Independent book publishing brimming with innovations coming soon. But watch out for those who seek to wreak havoc in the industry for their own selfish purposes.

Did you ever think the world of publishing could be exhilarating, inspiring and thrilling? Every page of this thriller is overflowing with the most unique ways to publish your thoughts to the world. Use it as an inspirational tool for the future of global instant publishing because it puts back the vroom, vroom, vroom into publishing.

This novel explores and reveals the publishing world in all its colors of fortitude, betrayal, excitement, enterprise and dynamism.”


  1. I love watching action movies, superhero movies, westerns, war movies and comedies.
  2. I enjoy reading science fiction. I love reading superhero comics, like DC and Marvel.
  3. I like to draw and do a bit of sketching from comic books. My best artist is Jim Lee.
  4. I Believe in the power of the mind. This led me to complete a course in Hypnotherapy.
  5. I also enjoy doing courses and have completed a number over the years from Advertising and Public Relations, to Library Science and Life coaching among others.

The Inspiration behind the Thriller Novel Impostor Assassin.

I enjoy writing and was inspired from a young age by my father, who was a Storyteller when he was a young man and who is a prolific writer.

My Dad was involved in writing and publishing for over forty years now. I remember going into a newspaper office over thirty years ago to watch how newspapers were printed on old printing presses. This experience got me interested in the world of publishing.

I have always been intrigued by the world of writing and publishing. Yet, I have found that over the years growing up, there has been a development in the field, but not enough.

I thought of creating a character who wanted to make a change in the world of publishing. So, I created a lot of exciting publishing tools which would help in the advancement and the evolution of Publishing in the future.

My hero needed an antagonist. I created SWAMP a powerful organization, which was focused on world domination, using the field of publishing.

My hero wants to save the world of publishing with his new innovations in the field. However, SWAMP wants to control all these new exciting inventions to control every human being on the planet.

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