I wish AuthorsCommunity.net would…


Okay, talk to us. What do you need? What would you like? What would be very nice but not entirely necessary? What is necessary for you to have to be successful as a writer that AuthorsCommunity.net might be able to provide?

Sound off time!

There are some businesses that just keep slogging along doing what they want to do but never ask their clients what they need or want or would like to have offered.

These businesses think they are doing grrrrrrrrrreat! or at least doing pretty good. They study analytics of the website. They collect testimonials. But how do they really know how they are doing?

Now is a very good time to tell us what you want. Then we most likely can give you what you want rather than what we think you want. All three of the partners are authors. We’re offering you what we would have liked to have access to way back when we first started thinking about getting our work published.

Things have changed since then. So tell us. Even if you think it is way too expensive, wish it and let’s see what we an do together. You see, there’s this thing called A Collective.

A Collective wields great power.

If you put four or five or ten authors together pooling resources, Great Things Can Happen.

So comment below and finish the sentence:

I wish AuthorsCommunity.net would ____________________________.

HeckFire, use as many wishes as you like and you don’t even have to throw a penny into the fountain.

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22 thoughts on “I wish AuthorsCommunity.net would…”

    1. Hi Olga, Authors Community has reliable, vetted service providers. These are available on our website and open for business with members of AC. As long as you are logged into the site, and you are a member, you can not only see their expertise but also click on their name and get some background information. Here’s the link: https://authorscommunity.net/vendors/vendors-by-expertise/#axzz5zh40TVVd

      We have marketing videos — $10 each for non-members and Starters, free for paying members or Manuscript Bundle purchasers.

      We are working on lists of book reviewers and we are kicking around the book promoter thing.

      Is there anything else we can help you with Olga?

    2. Hi Olga, If you would like to talk with me personally you can go to calendly.com/tom1212 and schedule a time to meet with me at no cost. I will be happy to explain how we can help you and answer any questions.


      Tom Blubaugh
      Book Marketing Coach

  1. This comment came in through email:

    Marketing––marketing–––marketing I don’t have the funds to travel to every book fair in America and I think

    Good old fashion printed books will not go away, e books are good after you have a successful print edition and there are

    Marketers who will present your book at those book fairs. I’m interested in that approach. I have two fictional novels

    and editing their grammar to keep purist happy both are about ready for print on demand printers. There is a problem

    with selling on-line….individual state sales taxes. It’s a mess for small authors trying to break into writing. It boils down to fate I think. Surely its not luck.

    Well enough said but that’s what I think. D.F Ward

    1. Hi Daniel. I understand your concerns. There are many ways to skin the book marketing cat that make it simple for the author. I agree with you that printed books will be here ongoing, but we have generations of young adults and children born after the 1980s who have grown up with the computer and are very much into video and digital modes that are buying books now. This is a huge market to miss. When you sell online through Amazon and others, they handle the sales tax. If you’re selling online through your website where you handle the inventory, etc. then it may be an issue. If you’d like to visit for 20 or 30 minutes, go to calendly.com/tom1212 and select a time to meet with me. I’ll be glad to discuss your concerns and answer questions.


      Tom Blubaugh Book Marketing Coach

  2. I have had zero luck with letting other people promote my books at book fairs. I have had better fortune going myself to conventions wherein authors are prominent. I’m a fat and ugly old man, and if I can talk people into buying, some attractive youth should do much netter, but they don’t. They don’t have the investment I do.
    I’ll be at the Author-con next month, the good Lord willing. Next year I’ll be at the World Fantasy Convention. (Same caveat–good chance I won’t live that long!)(Doctors have been saying that for decades and I’m still around, though.)

  3. I would like to have info on getting book reviews and how to do videos and how to use them.
    I have talked to Tom about the video. The training videos are very helpful and the material that is available for downloading, and the blog posting.

  4. I fell flat on my face with the selling of my book. I did not do well at the book signings I arranged. I spent some time online checking out festivals in our area where I may have been able to set up. Space rent was outrageous. I could not justify paying out booth rent, purchasing gasoline, and either buying food or taking my own when I could not even guess how many books I could sell. I have been discouraged about this for two years.

    Also, when I come here, I feel like an outsider.

    1. Cecelia, I am so sorry you feel like an outsider! Please email me and tell me how so. That is not at all our intent. Book signings are the most difficult way to promote books. And non-fiction books are much harder to promote than fiction.

      I highly recommend Tom’s marketing classes.

    1. Hi Isabelle, you most certainly can connect via our forum and author resource center. Look on the menu and click on the word forum. It will take you there. Find someone that looks like may be a good fit and message him/her.

    2. I have two books on Amazon. One I’m having trouble uploading the paperback version. Old love help with that but also getting it seen.
      My friend got his book published by a company who is getting him readings and promotions. I have the same story but in fiction and self published.

  5. Need a way to target advertising for books to a small niche. Have read that Christian books account for about 3 to 5% of total book sales. It is even smaller for those of us who write Christian fiction. So how do we target them.
    Please don’t recommend Facebook ads. I and others have tried them with little to no success, even though you can supposedly target your market by age, race, sex, and other variables.

    1. Steve, I would never recommend Facebook ads. Firstly, I don’t understand their algorithms, and secondy, unless you have a lot of money to throw at them, they don’t work, in my experience and evidently in yours as well.

      I highly recommend Tom’s marketing classes. He and the class are working their way through Goodreads and how to use it to sell books. There are some other ways, too, but you really have to want to sell books and be willing to put in the time and effort to do it. Goodreads is designed for readers. What do you want? Readers for your books. So where is the best place to find readers? You guessed it. Goodreads. I don’t recommend purchasing ads necessarily. I’ve had ads on there for a couple of months and have sold 10 books, but my book is written to Christians who have been hurt by other Christians… a small niche compared to the actual number of readers in the world 🙂

      There is no easy way to sell books. There is no formula to follow because each book is different, author is different, and readers of different genres are different. That’s the nature of the beast… so the best thing to do is set up a schedule of at least 1 hour per day that you devote to marketing. Follow your schedule, and never, ever give up. Too often people tend to give up just before dawn breaks over their efforts.

      1. It is good to see advice that does not claim to be “the answer” or “tried and proven way” to market books. For years, I have read advice from best-selling authors claiming they had the answer and you only had to pay anywhere from $10 to $1,000 or more to learn their methods ($10 was for an e-book; Lord only knows what the higher priced ones included).
        You are right about all of the variables for each author, genre, etc. and the need to keep on slogging away at it.

        Thank you

  6. I would like for someone Christian to help me write my book correctly. I wrote a book in 2014 that maybe was not written correctly and I still don’t know how to deliver the message. It is a book supposedly I thought for Catholics to help open their eyes and get them saved, but it turned out that Christian Pastors and preachers are the ones who liked it.

    I don’t know how to write, but I have a testimony about Jesus and I need someone to help me place it into words.

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