I used to HATE book marketing…

by Sarah Tun

On the 22nd of February, I commented on a post written by AC’s CEO Tom Blubaugh called, “Hate marketing and promoting?

A modest-by-nature author, I don’t look for the limelight (please ignore the fact that I was a performing artist for ten years… I didn’t like the limelight then either, hence I’m no longer a performing artist). Self-promotion is not something I feel comfortable with. BUT book marketing is NOT self promotion, and that’s something I’m learning hands-on as I follow Tom’s train of thought and expertise, and as I work on his assignments.

You see, I’m the voice on the “Baby” video that’s been posted on AC recently, and a good many other Real Stuff Web-Eds which are in the works. And as I am doing the voice overs, guess what’s happening?! I’m getting very involved in the content and have been drawn to following up with the assignments at the end of the powerpoint presentations. I find Tom’s assignments are bite-sized, and the powerpoint calm; so I’m enjoying learning and applying myself to the marketing tasks.

For those members fed up with unsatisfying levels of sales but with an ounce of hope, I’d like to encourage you: Do look at these presentations as they come out… Maybe tell yourself you’ll try one per week for 5 weeks. Then re-evaluate.

I had pretty much given up trying to digest the high volume of marketing material or following sales people! But now I’m in again, only at a measured, sensible pace,…. and I’m loving it!

I’m re-learning the value of being methodical. Tom’s straight-forward and uncomplicated content, along with the very specific assignments, is enabling me to make step-by-step changes to how I work. And it is yielding fruit. I’m working smarter and more focused, and am feeling productive at the same time.

I thought I’d all but lost the ability to pay attention to detail and work in a methodical way. There is such a lot of quick and intense material on the web, that I’ve always felt it was too much to absorb. I had to be selective, and found that I usually focused on the wrong stuff. Not so now.

So, if I may encourage you — one writer to another — have a look at the Real Stuff Web-Eds, in order to see just how much you can accomplish, so that you can get your books seen… and sold. Tom’s not paid me to write any of this. I’m just excited at the prospect of finally getting this marketing business under my belt. Hallelujah to that!


Sarah Tun

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2 thoughts on “I used to HATE book marketing…”

  1. Sarah, thank for you the reminder that we have wonderful marketing content available for our growth. It makes me want to get back to working on my non-fiction book which is only two chapters long at the moment and start the challenge of marketing.

    Have a lovely day!

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