Hullabaloo over Kindle Direct Publishing & CreateSpace

by Gina Burgess

Worn out from all the fearmongering going on about the transition from CreateSpace to Kindle Direct Publishing? There are tons of articles about it. Advice: Go straight to the source.

After reading and talking to a supervisor over both, KDP is fast tracking to being the same great place to indie publish as CreateSpace was.

If you indie published through CreateSpace and were pleased, then you’ll be pleased with KDP. The only problem I’ve encountered so far is the problem some authors have found over the application files used to publish their books when they used CreateSpace editing/book cover design/book formatting services, which are now defunct.

The page where all your questions are answered is

The fearmongering comes in topics such as:

  1. Higher production costs so you get less royalties and your proofs cost more.
  2. Amazon owns your publication rights.
  3. No Expanded Distribution — no sales in retail outlets other than Amazon.
  4. No printed proofs provided.
  5. KDP printed books have lower quality.
  6. Myriad of other fears and lies.

They are not true.

KDP is using the exact same folks, and exact same facilities, and the exact same printers as CreateSpace. You’ll get the same quality and same production costs EXCEPT for some books with fewer than 110 pages in Europe. Those books will cost a little more to produce. You can charge what you want for your books over cost, so don’t worry about royalties.

You will get paid 2 months after a sale rather than 30 days after a sale. CreateSpace has assured me that my royalties have transferred to KDP. I’ll let you know in 2 months if that’s true.

Amazon does not own publication rights of your book. When you indie publish, you own all the rights. If you use an ISBN assigned by Amazon, then you can’t use that ISBN to publish elsewhere. You need a new ISBN. You own your own files. If you used CreateSpace services for book cover design, illustration, formatting, then you may not get those files back if you had to pay extra for certain type fonts. The font copyright was given to Amazon, not you.

KDP does have expanded distribution–printing in the Japanese language isn’t available yet. Meaning it will be available soon.

Please don’t get your information from anyone but Kindle Direct Publishing. Click here or the link above and get your questions answered straight from the source.

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