How about a Waaaa Waaaa

by Gina Burgess
You remember those old cartoons that had babies crying with their tears squirting three yards out of their eyes? Those babies would go, “Waaaa Waaaa!”
Well, that is how I felt this past week for almost the whole week.
We decided to revamp the website, give it a new theme and do a facelift to make it more user friendly and help you guys find things much more easily. Finally, after about three weeks, I was almost finished with it. There were only a couple of links to fix, an image to replace, and a couple of forms to tweak, a matter of an hour or so.
Then it happened.
Something in the site itself went wonky and completely corrupted. Our service provider had to delete that shiny new website and do a brand new mirror so I could, yes, I hate to say it, so I could start all over. And nope, the backup I saved in two places wouldn’t work because something fundamental was corrupted.
So here is a lesson for all you DIYers out there.
When you are working on your website, do not depend on a backup of the site because anything can happen — It’s even got a name, Murphy’s Law. Anything. Be sure to copy/paste all your content to documents page for page and save that on your computer and in the cloud. Of course, you know why, but I’m going to say it anyway. Hardly anyone has a photographic memory. I used to have one, but not anymore. Now I struggle to put the correct name on my granddaughters and my daughters. None of them respond well to Whatsis.
I did not realize how many changes I made, nor how I changed the focus of a page with just a few word changes. That’s all PUFF! in cyberair. Now I’m looking at pages and pages of old text and content. ACK!
However, Tom, Jann, and I have something we say all the time: God never wastes anything and God will always help replace the “almost perfect” with “even better than perfect” if we allow Him free reign over our thoughts, actions, and websites.
So we may not have a newsletter next week. And I’ll probably not put up new blog posts because I can’t seem to get the posts transferred from the old site to the new one. But hey, that baby will look great when it’s done. How can it not with God in control!

Gina Burgess is an editor, illustrator, and author. She is COO of Common Sense Marketing Strategies, LLC,, and She also writes a weekly column at

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13 thoughts on “How about a Waaaa Waaaa”

  1. My photographic memory has no film. Actually, now I’m getting old and decrepit, I can see the loss of memory in me. I think it says somewhere that on judgment day we’ll have a bright recollection of all our sins; having a bright recollection of ANYTHING would be an improvement!

  2. Oh boy…. and OUCH! And I’m so sorry. Of course there’s a lesson in there, as GOD always has a lesson for us. But that doesn’t stop the pain, it just gives it a purpose!

    1. Yes, there is a lesson. And there is a reason because God never allows anything without a reason. We don’t always know the reason, but He does prevail and never fails His children. Amen!

  3. It is not just your website. Have gone to many websites in the past few months only to get a canned, “Content unavailable”, “URL not functioning” or some other sort of internet gobbledygook message. It appears that something rather wonky has caused destinations for websites to dead-end at a cryptic message.

    1. Steve, I think it is all those hackers around the world who have nothing better to do than create mischief. Back in the day, my dad called them gremlins, and there was one that was particularly annoying so Dad named him Gustoffsen. Maybe I inherited Gustoffsen when Dad died. Sigh…

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