Here’s Your New Baby – A Marketing Analogy

Your book is your baby that you’ve nurtured for numerous months to present to the world. Too often authors make a marketing mistake: No preparation.

What about the coaching classes? What about painting and prepping the nursery (audience)? What about all the new clothes (editing and book cover)?

Watch this short video to get an idea how proper prepping can help you with book sales…

See video here

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7 thoughts on “Here’s Your New Baby – A Marketing Analogy”

  1. Glad this is posted. The kernel: deciding whether this writing thing is going to be a business or a hobby… time to get honest with ourselves. I’ve been there and I was surprised at my resistance. Thanks for pinpointing a very real and very important aspect to our writing

    1. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. Especially your being surprised at your resistance. Most authors are resistant to the marketing side of writing. This is a big part of why I am developing a video marketing program. It’s not just about how to promote books. It is also about the thought process that hinders one from doing the things that are necessary to promote one’s book. There are a lot of misconceptions about marketing and promotion.

  2. Marketing is the bane of the independent author. Fortunately, I found what the market now calls a hybred publisher. They do just enough narketing that I’m happy. This is mainly because my body has hit the point where I simply do not have the energy anymore. I’ve had one digital best seller and who knows, maybe there will be another.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Marilyn. I understand your saying that “marketing is the bane of the independent author.” Bane means stress or annoyance. I think the problem is that most authors are tackling it on their own rather than team working. No person is an island. Same genre authors don’t compete with each other. This is why I started the Authors Community. Stay tuned, please.

  3. Hi, I really enjoyed this analogy, that your book is a baby. I have just been thinking this too, and become aware that I haven’t been parenting my books (yes, that’s many of them), as I could have been doing. So, now there’s a whole household full of them — and I need to learn more about the marketing. Thanks so much for this good reminder. Sincerely, Dr. Melba Burns

  4. Thanks for sharing, Melba. You get an A+++ for your conclusion from our video. You can fulfill your need to learn more about the marketing by joining or upgrading your membership to the Author level. Beginning on April 1st I will be be doing a significant video training of all aspects of marketing. Most of these videos will be less than 10 minutes and specific to one aspect or principle of book marketing and promoting. I will be holding a live class for participants to ask questions and share concerns each Thursday. I hope you will consider joining me.

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