Have I got an idea for you!

by Sarah Tun

Hey, have you heard the one about….???

Have you heard this:
“You’re an author? Oh, I’ve got a great idea for a book you can use… !” Or how about, “You write? Well, have I got an idea for you…!”

What do you do with a comment like that? Might it be the LORD speaking to you through the other person? … Or do you feel like clobbering the person, as though you haven’t enough book ideas of your own?

What if it’s a friend? Or a relative? What if they pester you to see how you’re progressing on their idea, or go on in detail about their brilliant story, so that you’re sure to get caught up in it? Should you encourage them, suggesting they ought to write it themselves? (That’s what I’ve done :))

This is just one of many, many common threads that writers and authors experience. And this is something that Authors Community Discussion Forum is all about… We can discuss and share common experiences, or not-so-common experiences, to support and to prepare others for what might come their way.

We’re thinking about starting an “Authors Live Fellowship”, created for paying members who want to share their frustrations, laugh at common experiences and pray, worship, walk together in fellowship, coming together with what we have in common: the call to write and the walk of faith. All LIVE online through Zoom and never recorded.

Let’s share our highs and lows, our burdens and breakthroughs. Writing is such a solitary experience. So the Discussion Forum is available for us to share with one another.

Speaking of sharing, we’re considering a new name for it… one that pinpoints exactly what we’re about as authors, to encourage new members to join in.

So what about it, you creative people? If you’ve got a great idea for a name in mind, won’t you share it here…..?

God bless.

Sarah Tun

Sarah Tun is an author, developmental editor, writing coach, indexer, book recorder, ghost writer (for those ideas that really are good but where the visionary needs a scribe) 

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