Hate Marketing and Promoting?

by Tom Blubaugh

How’s your book marketing and promoting going? Is it working for you? Here’s an idea.

On April 1st, 2019, something new is coming to the Authors Community marketing coaching program.

I am changing my strategy of coaching authors on book marketing principles and strategies. Writing as a career is rather lonely; training and learning is much more fun when done in a group of like-minded individuals.

You can brainstorm by yourself, but doing it with others gives a richer result. You now have a choice of how to learn marketing principles and strategies.

For the past several months the Authors Community team has been producing book marketing/promotion training videos. These videos are short, most less than 10 minutes, and to the point. The program is designed to be completed in one year, but it is up to the participant to set the pace of learning. Ideally, one video per week with assignments, will provide a steady pace of learning hands on principles and strategies. Plus, I am always available by email for questions.

I will be hosting a weekly online video class (one in the morning and the same one in the afternoon Central time) for a maximum of 100 participants, which will be recorded and available online for one year. Classes include a discussion and Q & A session of the current week’s video. These classes will be live at 10 am and 3 pm Central (Chicago USA) time zone on Thursdays except for the 4th of July, New Years, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays.

This will allow participants to join any time during the year and control their desired pace. Again, I will be available via email for questions and more in-depth coaching if needed or desired.

This training is just one of the many benefits available to paying members of the Authors Community—$35 USD per month.

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12 thoughts on “Hate Marketing and Promoting?”

  1. campbellp34@yahoo.com

    After publishing 7 novels with royalty paying small presses, I’m giving up on writing for publication because I hate the endless, useless, low ROI, time investment required for promotion. I’ll keep writing for my own pleasure and I’ll continue critiquing with my two partners who are also published as long as they feel it’s to their benefit. But I’m done with the rat race.

    1. I felt like that too and as a result did not renew my website, cancelled my FB page and just decided to simply live life again. I’m not angry or discouraged… Just resigned to it all right now.

      1. It’s a matter of life priorities, Skye. Most authors today are virtually invisible. Once in a great while one of us gets recognized and that author becomes successful at publishing and making money. That’s great and I applaud those authors, but what are the odds, and does one really want to keep hitting their head against a stone wall? How much, per hour, is one willing to work for?

        1. I haven’t made much on book sales, but I could never skip publishing because of that. God has given me several messages (nets to cast out), and even if just one person enjoys what I’ve written, then I count that as success 😉 For me it is about obedience to God.

          I think Christians should probably have a different kind of standard rather than book sales to measure success. In fact, most of us probably won’t ever know how much our writing has helped and inspired others until we get to Heaven, and even then we may not know.

  2. I understand the frustration and feel the responsibility to Write On anyway.
    Here’s the thing: I’ve been doing the voice overs for the videos and, inspired by the subject matter, I’ve been doing the homework assignments. At last, bite-sized and not frenetic, I’ve enjoyed learning and applying.
    For those members fed up but with an ounce of hope, do look at these videos as they come out… maybe tell yourself you’ll try one per week for 10 weeks. Then re-evaluate.
    I gave up! But now I’m in again, but at a measured, sensible pace, and loving it!

  3. Thanks, Sarah. You’ve touched on the essence of my vision for the marketing videos. Bite size pieces of information that can be absorbed slowly and tested before moving on. Each one of us in unique in every way including how we interpret and learn. Thanks for your input.

  4. It’s the regular $35 USD monthly membership. There will be in excess of 50 videos. You may start and stop the membership as you wish. I am considering a one time price for non-members, but haven’t come to a conclusion yet.

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