God’s Timing is Incredibly Wonderful

A Packet of Seeds, a Big Parking Lot, and an Unsent Text

Christians agree God is interested in the “big picture”—love, repentance, forgiveness, salvation, grace and obedience.

But I also believe He’s also interested in the tiny things—like the packet of seeds I picked up for Ellie’s pre-kindergarten class.

My story illustrates another point as well. God uses us where our talents shine—and where we are utterly devoid of talent.

Now, the story . . .

I was at Wal-Mart when I spied the marigold seeds. Ellie’s teacher had invited families to contribute seeds and potting soil for a spring project. I bought the seeds and headed out with my other purchases.

Then the drama started.

I’m used to losing my car in parking lots. It’s related to getting lost in phone booths and broom closets. In fact, my ability to get confused is so stellar that when I used to get lost going for long walks, I’d stop, think about what seemed to be the right way, and then head in the opposite direction.

Wandering up and down the rows of cars, I spotted a gentleman in a truck who appeared to be concerned about me. I looked down, not wanting to make eye contact. After all, if he asked what was wrong, what would I say?

Up and down the rows . . .

A woman approached me. Her husband (the man in the truck) had told her to get out and help me.

We looked together until we found my car—near the main entrance ☹.

How to thank my new friend? As she was a grandma, I offered her a choice of books I’d written.

Was she surprised that someone unable to navigate a parking lot could write books? Possibly, but she didn’t show it 😊.

She chose Little Bunny’s Own Storybook for her gift, which I autographed for her, and then she purchased Marie and Mr. Bee.

That’s one way to sell books, but I find the rest of the story even more interesting.

On Monday I went to the school Ellie and her big sister attended to drop the seeds off.

I parked the car, and decided to run a comb through my hair before going into the school.

No, just get in there.

I’ve heard that still, small Voice before, and always been glad when I’ve listened.

Puzzling as to why it would be wrong to comb my hair, I hurried into the school.

When I entered the office, I understood.

There was my older granddaughter, getting ready to text her dad to come and pick her up because she was sick.

Normally that would have been fine, but this was her day to go back to her dad’s place for a week. If he’d picked her up from school early, he’d have taken her directly to his place and she’d have missed the last few hours of the week with her mom.

God’s ways are both mysterious and perfect.


Margaret Welwood has written freelance articles for over 30 publications, and edited a business magazine and a Writer’s Digest award winning book. Then the arrival of charming grandchildren catapulted her into Children’s Storyland. She now happily resides among storytelling rabbits, invading Slicers and Dicers, and seafaring sheepdogs, writing and editing picture books for children. Margaret still, however, makes brief forays into the sensible world of adult non-fiction.

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6 thoughts on “God’s Timing is Incredibly Wonderful”

  1. Great story Margaret. I’ve learned over my 78 years, 50 of them a Christian, that God uses everything. Nothing I have written or done is wasted. No interruption is insignificant. He uses it all to teach me, develop relationships, and I know sooner or later, it will benefit others He places in my path. I mention these two verses more than any others–Prov., 16:9, 19:21. You shared a perfect example of how authors don’t sell books, readers buy them. There is a huge difference. It’s attraction, not promotion. Always.

  2. Frances Wilson

    I am grateful that God is who is different, His ways are not my ways. Hew does work in mysterious ways,
    wonders I miss at first glance. He gives gifts to everyone of us, and when I let it gather dust on the shelf of fear, He dusts if off, and gives me another chance. I am grateful for that, and I am in the process of “weeding”
    editing, before I share my gift.

  3. Margaret Welwood

    When I was going from school to school selling my books to school libraries, I got confused. That happens all the time, but this time it was special–I ended up at a different school and sold my books there!

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