Christian Authors Community & Services Guidelines

Authors Community reserves the right to refuse any manuscript that does not meet these guidelines. Also Authors Community will not accept manuscripts that are not ready for edit. If we refuse your manuscript, we will explain our reasons privately.

Authors Community is dedicated to helping authors reach their polishing, publishing, and promoting goals for their books. We are committed to working with authors who write faith-based and family-friendly literature.

Here’s how we define Family-Friendly literature:


Authors Community defines Family-Friendly as content that is: wholesome, striving to maintain innocence and purity of young people, even while sharing stories that may sometimes be traumatic, painful or tragic.

We don’t seek to shelter children from real-life issues, but neither will we work on books or help authors promote books that contain sexual content or graphic violence. Therefore the books we help polish and promote here at Authors Community and the eBooks on will seek to enrich imaginations and traditional values. No occult, new age, pornographic, or gender exploration type books are deemed appropriate for our catalogue on

Children’s books/age demarcation are categorized based on vocabulary and situational storylines/concepts that would be understood and enjoyed by a child in that age bracket.

Many younger skilled readers aren’t emotionally ready for some of the edgier stories in today’s chapter books, with tales of homelessness, alcoholic parents, relatives in jail, parental death or abandonment, cancer, mental illness, natural disasters, and more. Messages and role models in fiction do impact young readers. Consider the characters of books. Are they people you’d like your kids to emulate? Are there consequences for the characters’ behavior? Are adults present and responsible? Are the characters realistic and relatable? Is the theme “the end justifies the means” encouraged?

Category and Age range

CHILDREN: Up to age 11 there will be no violence, swearing or intense romantic situations depicted or alluded to.

Toddler: 0 – 3

Preschool: 4 – 6

Young Children: 6 – 8

Older Children: 8 – 11

Young Teen: 11 – 13


Action, adventure and romance may be a part of the story lines in these books; however a wholesome perspective in keeping with the label Christian or Family-Friendly remains. Therefore, there is no swearing, no overt descriptions of romantic or violent encounters. No use of drugs, alcohol or irresponsible behavior without consequences. High standards and morality continue to be conveyed in a positive light. Themes may explore deeply personal faith, family or sexual issues but not in any way endorsing violence or sex out of wedlock. Another theme discouraged is “the ends justifies the means” at Christian eBooks. For Adult Fiction, discourages gratuitous swearing, erotica, sexual content, graphic violence and gore.

Young Adult: 14 – 17

Adult: 18+

All General Genres and Christian oriented books

Your book should fit into an age category and into one of these genres:

  • Children’s
  • Poetry
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction
  • YA Fiction
  • Suspense
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Historical Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Non-fiction: The guidelines for fiction apply here as well.
  • Religion/ Spiritual — Biblical Themes
  • Biography
  • Memoirs
  • Self-help
  • How-To / Guides-To


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