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Editors Read Book Proposals, Not Manuscripts

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Terry Whalin is an acquisitions editor.

There are five questions acquisitions editors ask. Three of them are:

1. Is it true? Does this person know what they are talking about?
2. Is the book significant? How many people care about this subject and why?
3. Is it well written or at least salvageable? Will the reader be captivated by the paragraphs?

Find out what the other two questions are, and how to make sure you answer those questions in a well-written, winning book proposal.

There are six reasons proposals are rejected:

1. Sounds like a magazine article
2. It’s already been done.
3. It’s never been done–editors don’t see a market for your book
4. Topics like that don’t sell.
5. There is too much competition
6. It’s too expensive to produce–length or photos or illustrations, etc.

Find out how to overcome these rejections.

      Only $25

Still not sure whether you need this web-ed?

If you only intend to write one book, make one speech, tweet sporadically, or blog occasionally then you probably don’t need this web-ed. But if you want to continue to write, and to continue selling books, you need to know how to promote effectively using all the tools available to help build your brand.

If you want to only sell to those you know, then this course is not for you.  It’s for those who want to broaden their horizon and have their message (their book) heard by many beyond their current reach.

The simple truth is that if you plan on being an author and writing more than one book, you need to know how to write a book proposal that sells you and your book. You need something that is working when you are not.  Something that helps give your books credibility.  A way to help acquisition editors know more your work.

Join Terry Whalin for this web-ed so he can help you reach your goal for your writing project. Writing is just the beginning. Now you need to market your project. In order to market your book, you need a winning book proposal.

So whether you’re writing your first article or blog post, have several books finished and sold, this live, interactive web-ed will help position you for greater success in marketing.

Why should you pay for a web-ed when so many are offering free webinars?

The difference between free and us: After you take the free training, which will be an introduction to a subject, they’ll keep trying to Up-sell you to the “REAL” stuff–which usually costs a bundle. Or, it could be a passive course where you are left to paddle through the information on your own.

Our course is the Real Stuff. We won’t be emailing you with endless offers to get the inside scoop on any subject (for “only” $497!) And Tamy won’t hold back the best information, saving it for another webinar or product to purchase.

You only pay for the web-ed once—and get ALL the information. It’s a win-win. 

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You can’t miss with this informative hour with Terry Whalin.


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