REAL STUFF! Web-Ed – Jeff Gerke

How to Write Irresistible Fiction and Non-Fiction

4-week video course with Writer’s Digest author, Jeff Gerke.

This course is a personal instruction by Jeff Gerke of his latest book The Irresistible Novel. For the best experience, you may purchase the book here.

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Jeff Gerke is an accomplished author, book cover designer, publisher, editor, and dad.  He’s instructing a LIVE, interactive four-week course.  Join him for four weeks to learn about irresistible writing.Jeff has 14 books published with five on writing skills published by Writer’s Digest.

Writing dynamically applies to all markets, just as speaking dynamically keeps audiences awake. “Bueller? Bueller?” Learning how to write irresistible narrative will impact fiction and non-fiction writing, social media writing, public speaking, and numerous other types of writing. His latest book, The Irresistible Novel published by  Writer’s Digest, is the background for this exciting class. But the class isn’t just for writing novels. It’s for anyone who writes.

If you’re not sure if your writing is irresistible, you need to take this four-week course.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • What the paralyzing rules of writing are such as Prologues, Description, -ly adverbs, Purple prose and painted paragraphs, Immediate inciting incident, “to be” verbs, Show versus Tell, Begin with action, Point of view, Speech Attributions, and Outlining.
  • Do you really need to pay attention to them?
  • Hacking your reader’s brain.
  • A brain chemistry story map.

Still not sure whether you need the course?

If you only intend to write one book, make one speech, tweet sporadically, or blog occasionally then you probably don’t need the course. But if you want to continue to write, and to continue selling books, you need to know how to keep your readers coming back for more, and to keep writing dynamically.

If you want to publish traditionally, then writing compelling narrative is essential to capturing an agent’s attention and that goes double for a traditional publisher.

If you think your writing cannot be improved, then remember what Arnold Palmer said, “The road to success is always under construction.”

The simple truth is that if you plan on being an author and writing more than one book, you need an audience. Readers. If your book makes them yawn, they won’t buy another one. But more importantly, if your book makes your beta readers yawn, you are in deep trouble. Learn how to recognize and avoid passive writing. Learn how to keep readers’ interest with your irresistible narrative.

Join Jeff Gerke for this course so he can help you reach your audience–or any audience–as a serious writer or contender in your field. For the unpublished writer, good writing makes you a person of interest even before your name appears on a book cover.

So whether you’re writing your first article or blog post, are traditionally or Indie-published, this live, interactive 4-week course will help position you for greater success in the industry.

When you purchase this course, you’ll receive:

  • Question and answer session after each video class.
  • A handout to help you take notes and get all the information so you don’t miss anything.
  • Assignments that will help you practice what you’ve learned.
  • A private discussion forum where you’ll upload assignments, help other students practice the strategic points of writing (and they will help you).

Purchase of the book is not included. For the best experience, please purchase the book here.

Why should you pay for a course (when so many are offering free webinars–or you could just purchase the book?

The difference between free and REAL STUFF! WEB-EDS: After you take the free training, which will be an introduction to a subject, they’ll keep trying to Up-sell you to the “REAL” stuff–which usually costs a bundle. Or, it could be a passive course where you are left to paddle through the information on your own.

Our course is the Real Stuff. We won’t be emailing you with endless offers to get the inside scoop on any subject (for “only” $497!) And Jeff won’t hold back the best information, saving it for another webinar or product to purchase. Jeff will be right there with you as you work on assignments.

You only pay for the course once–and get ALL the information. This is only available to Authors Community members.

You can pause it while taking notes, or back it up to catch something you missed. It’s a win-win. 

Still not sure? Here’s what some folks have to say about Jeff’s online course.

I’ve already read a few of Jeff’s books, which is why I’m taking this course. Just like in the books, he is rocking here in the course. I’m only at lecture 6, but I have no doubt the rest will be a big boogie down, too. (OK, OK, I’ve overextended the metaphor, but I’ve learned–and am still learning–a lot from this guy. ? ) Michael Stuart Kelly

I’m only 7 or so sessions in, and I’m learning so much. Better than that, getting me jazzed about writing. I often find myself wanting to stop the lecture just so I can go write. A good problem to have. Seth Wilks

I find the approach easier to apply to my writing, than other training and techniques I have seen in the past. Sharon Miller

Solid, actionable advice for building a character. Steve Johnson