Eileen Moynihan Writes A Posy of Wild Flowers

The delightful new book A Posy of Wildflowers was written by Eileen Moynihan. It’s a children’s book of poetry that parents will also enjoy reading to their little ones. Who wouldn’t love a book of poems about Irish wildflowers and trees including their Irish names?

More than a year ago, Eileen was admiring photographs taken by a friend. The beautiful images of wildflowers and trees sparked her imagination. Wouldn’t it be lovely to write poems about these enticing  plants–poems for children, but also enjoyable for adults?

Eileen researched each flower and tree she wrote about to give a bit of history and background. Here’s an example of one:

Forget-Me-Not (Lus Míonla)

Please remember forget-me-not,
Sky-blue flowers with yellow dot
Blooming sweetly in earthy plot.

Flowers cluster on hairy stem,
Pointed leaves look well with them.
Forget-me-not you little gem.

You remind us of love we knew,
Friends and family who said adieu;
Love will always live with you.

Some of the poems she wrote reminded her of books she read in her youth about flower fairies. She knew just the person to illustrate her poems–her sister Angela Corkery. Angela did some research of her own that shaped her artwork.

Eileen Moynihan was born in Essex England, and grew up on the Isle of Wight from the age of three. At the age of 22 she moved permanently to Ireland, where she lived in West Cork, and more recently on the border of counties Roscommon and Longford. For most of that time she was teaching children with special needs, and raising her three children with her husband. Eileen loves to write books for children and after taking early retirement, she has a lot more time to devote to it.

She discovered Amazon’s Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing and decided to start publishing her own books. Then she created her own imprint for her books, so Childhood Books was born.

Eileen also enjoys writing poetry and short stories. She recently created the imprint, Landscape Books, for her adult books. She is an active member of Longford Writers Group. She has joined other Irish Indie Authors and become part of #IrishIndependentAuthorsCollective. Other books written by Eileen.

A Posy of Wildflowers is illustrated by Angela Corkery, the cover is illustrated by Dan Flynn and photographed by Sally Martin.

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3 thoughts on “Eileen Moynihan Writes A Posy of Wild Flowers”

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  2. Just got A Posy of Wild Flowers by Eileen Moynihan today. I sat in a comfy chair and was delighted with the book. The poems are lyrical and flow right off the tongue. The illustrations by Angela Corkey were a perfect fit for each poem. This is a book to keep close to hand to read whenever I need a lift in my spirits with prose and pictures. Thank you to the author and illustrator for sharing your beautiful gifts with the readers.

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