Dusting and Cleaning

We would love your input into our website, please.

When we changed over to the new template in WordPress, we did a lot of dusting and cleaning after the new construction trying to make sure all the links worked and the old stuff was swept into the dust bin while the new stuff was made available. However, we learned a ton of things not to do and a lot of things to do. More about that in a later post.

I’m asking you guys to help with our website. When you are walking through the site, would you please contact us with anything you see or try to use that doesn’t work correctly? Please? Anything.

On the menu, there are a few items that have a drop down menu as well. Are these confusing? Is it easy to understand how to get to the menu item’s page first and then to the various pages in the drop down? Should we change anything? What and how to change it?

Is there any page or tool that is not easy to understand? How can we make it better?


Thank You!!

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4 thoughts on “Dusting and Cleaning”

  1. Hi Gina, I love the new header on the front page. Is the front page also the HOME page?
    Just a little feedback; the image for the article did not load on the landing page, leaving a large blank space between the top header and the article. Also, the ‘like this’ widget didn’t load at all.

    The drop down menu headers, are not showing the drop down options when I hover over them. Typically that is what happens. So, not sure if that needs a check.

    One small thing, the LOG IN button at the top of the right side bar? You may want to change the color. I automatically thought it was a facebook log in because it’s the same exact color, I think that’s why my brain went there. That might just be me…

    There’s a little feedback for what it’s worth. I like the clean look of the site!

  2. The landing page is the very first page people see when they arrive. Some call it the Home page or in your case here, it’s the ‘Front Page”. Does that make sense?

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