Create a 3D Image for Your Author Website

As a writer, you want to display your book cover on your author website.

But instead of simply your front cover, why not something more visually interesting – a 3-dimensional image of your book or a “composite” image of the formats your book is available in.

Here is a composite image of the book The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, by Stephen D. Youngkin. This biography of the classic movie actor Peter Lorre is available in soft-bound and eBook.

I created this image using the free online book mockup maker on the website DIY Book Design –



Once you have opened this website, follow the steps discussed below, and you can design something similar for your book!

Step 1  —

Select the template you want.

Two types of templates are available – “Single” and “Composite”, as shown in the screen-shot below.


The “Single” templates create an image in one format only – hard-bound, soft-bound, or eBook. A choice of 16 different templates is available.


The “Composite” templates create an image with two or three formats – an eBook with a soft-bound or hard-bound book. Sixteen different templates are available.

For this demonstration, I have chosen a “composite” image – first row, second image. In this image, the book cover will appear on a Kindle and a phone, as well as paperback book with a shadow at the bottom.

Notice that once you choose the template, the image is “grayed”.

When you have selected the template you want, click the orange “Next” button to continue.

Step 2 –

Upload the image of your book cover to the “composite” template.

Click the “Browse” button, and a screen will open, allowing you to browse and select an image from your computer.

When you select the image and open it, you will return to the DIY Mock-Ups screen –

Click the “Upload” button.  The file you selected will be displayed in the gray box and the image itself will appear below it.

To continue, click the orange “Next” button.



Step 3 –


Scroll to the bottom of your image. You will have a choice of how to save your 3D image – as either a JPG or a PNG.

What’s the difference between “PNG” and “JPG”?

With a “PNG”, the background is transparent, allowing you to use the image on any type or color of background of your website.

With a ‘JPG”, the background is white and stands out from your website.

For this demonstration, I have created a “drawing image” with a light blue background, and added the PNG format of my composite image, with a black border around it. Note that the .PNG image stands out from the blue background.

However, the .JPG image, with its white background, stands out from the light blue of the “drawing” image.

I recommend using the .PNG format.

When you click either the .PNG button or the .JPG button, the 3D mock-up image will be saved to the folder you choose on your computer.

Step 4 –

Your 3D mock-up image is ready to use on your author website, but I recommend cropping the extra “transparent” or white background from your image before using it on your website or any advertising.

Doing so will allow any text on your website to flow well around the image.

Open your favorite photo editing tool and select the “crop” tool.

If you don’t have any photo-editing software, is a free website you can use to crop or resize an image – Mediamodifier.

To upload an image, click the blue button “Or Click to Upload” and select the folder where the image you want to crop is saved.

When you select the image to crop, the image will open in the screen.

Step 5 –

For this demonstration, I am using the .JPG image.

To crop the image, move your cursor to the top or sides of the image until you see the cursor become a 2-headed arrow, then hold down the left button on your mouse to “grab” the white arrow and pull it down towards the image.

Leave a narrow band of white background around the image – and in this case, don’t crop off the shadow on the book in the lower right-hand corner.

When the image is cropped to your liking and you’re ready to save it to your computer, click the blue “DOWNLOAD” button.

A window will open, allowing you to select the folder to save the cropped image on your computer.

And here is the cropped “composite” image, ready to display on your author website or in advertising for your book.

You may discover preparing images for your author website can be just as creative as writing your book!


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5 thoughts on “Create a 3D Image for Your Author Website”

  1. Thank you, Tom! I hope other authors will find it useful. I recently helped a local author with his website — he wanted to maintain it himself, so I simply coached him — and I showed him this DIY website. He really had a lot of fun making a composite image for each of his three novels.

  2. Pat, you’re very welcome! We authors always need to let our friends and relatives know what we’re working on, and this DIY site is a good opportunity to create some attractive graphics, rather than just an image of a book cover.

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