Consider Author Collaboration

  1. There are billions of readers on this planet. There are thousands of authors with one or two books. Even if it were possible to build a large readership for one or two books, an author will only satisfy a reader for a few hours.

If an author spends all her resources branding one book, then the same amount of work will have to be spent if there is a second book. Is this realistic?  The best use of resources is to brand yourself, your name, your image so no matter how many books you write, the groundwork has been done.

How many books does it take to satisfy our hungry reading audience? Let us look at some very successful authors and the number of books they published. The numbers shown are from Google searches.

Louis L ‘Amour                   at least 100

Stephen King                       at least 97

John Grisham                     at least 34

J K Rowling                         at least 32

Billy Graham                      at least 28

Tom Clancy                         at least 12

Max Lucado                        at least 9

  1. Do you think readers of these authors read only their books or do you think they possibly read many authors to satisfy their desire to read?
  2. There is no competition between authors. Not really. Especially in the same genre. No author can write enough books to satisfy a hungry readership in any genre.
  3. What if like genre authors banded together and promoted each other’s books to their reading audience in exchange for the same from other authors. This would do two things, one, develop an exponentially growing audience. Let us say each author averaged 100 readers and there were 100 authors in the group leveraging each other’s readership. The potential market would be 100 x 100 = 10,000 potential readers. Second, each other would be doing his readership a favor by introducing them to 99 new authors.
  4. How will authors choose authors to band with? Great question.

Start here =>Read these excerpts of my book/s to see if you like my style of writing. If you do, complete this short registration so I may contact your following and you can do the same. If we agree—let’s collaborate.

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2 thoughts on “Consider Author Collaboration”

  1. I am all for helping authors get the word out on their books. I love to read and I know many people are always looking for new books for inspiration, knowledge, entertainment.
    Reading opens up the world to us all.

  2. Margaret Welwood

    Sharing a table with another author at a sales event can be beneficial So can doing readings at the same venue, and sharing other authors’ work on social media.

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