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Frequently Asked

What is Christian Authors Community and Services (CACS) about?

Our mission is to support Christian writers to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

I’m just beginning to write, is there a place for me in CACS?

Absolutely! We hold a special place in our hearts for new writers. We hope you’ll feel blessed to have found us. It is our passion to help all writers avoid becoming discouraged and to assist our members so they can avoid the ‘pitfalls’ that can impede their writing. The sooner you join us, the more opportunities you’ll have to successfully navigate the world of: writing, publishing, marketing and online brand development.

How can I join?

Glad you asked! Click here and we’d like you offer you a gift. We want to invite you to join us free of charge for 30 days. During that time:

  • Our community leaders personally welcome you.
  • We consult with you weekly to see what your needs are and how we can help you.
  • You’ll be invited to our Thursday morning fellowship and trainings.
  • We want you to take the time to check out our video library on topics that interest you.
  • We’ll connect you to some of our members who might share your genre or have been where you are at in your journey. We know it’s nice to ‘talk writing’ with fellow writers and to have some friendly faces greeting you during our Thursday morning meetings
  • You will meet a few of our vendors (who are experts in their fields).

We offer you this gift so you can determine if CACS is a fit for you as an author. There are no strings attached, because we know everyone is exactly in the place God needs us to be. If we aren’t what you need, we will wish you well. If you join us – we’ll celebrate!

Whatever you decide, please know, you are ALWAYS welcome in CACS!

What do you do at CACS?

We are a growing community with a lot going on. Here are a few of our weekly activities and offerings.

  • We hold weekly trainings for our members and community guests.
  • We have compiled a library of information about every aspect of writing and living as a writer. This video library is an ongoing, updated resource for our members on topics which range from how to write to how to market and develop a brand.
  • Our ‘Dream Team’ members and vendors keep abreast of all the latest trends in writing so our members can access support and services. This group of specialized experts focus on: Project Development, Editing, Coaching, Technical Training, Online Trends and Access, Publishing, Low-cost Resources for Writers, Websites, Marketing and much more.
  • We have an online bookstore where our books are promoted.
    And, we are developing and expanding our services rapidly.
  • Think of us as a ‘Mall for Christian Writers’!
I’m a professional author, what do you have to offer me?

No matter where you are in your journey as an author, there’s a place for you at CACS. As an author, you know it’s impossible to keep up with all the trends and information in the field. One advantage of being in our community is that we’ll keep you abreast of information and trends in all areas of writing like: publishing, editing, book/blog development, online course development and online communications. Together, we go further.

I’m intrigued, what else can you offer me?
The word ‘community’ is in our name and the concept of community is in our hearts. We are bound by a faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We leave denominational and political choices at the door when we come together. We promote positive outcomes and treat each other with kindness. Think you can’t develop deep professional bonds in an online format – you haven’t met us.
How much does it cost?

Your membership fee can be paid monthly or annually, whatever is easiest for you. The cost is $24.99 a month or $249.00 annually.

The world of a writer is solitary, challenging and filled with pitfalls. But we know that God placed whatever story that lies within you to be told to His glory! We would consider it an honor to walk alongside you as you fulfill your purpose as a Christian – and a storyteller. God Bless You!