Comfort zones squeeze the life out of growth.

By Gina Burgess

There are differences between hobby writing and professional writing. This is a crucial question that the author needs to know the answer to before spending the time required to make money writing. It’s a commitment. It’s also risky. What if I fail? What happens if I succeed? How will I handle either outcome?

The following is the featured article in the past newsletter and I wanted it to have a presence on the Internet, not just in the newsletter. So. Read on…

Risks are scary things, we all know that. But without taking risks, you never see your potential. Comfort zones are not exactly lazy zones, but they are about being safe, and not moving forward. It actually boils down to two things: Fear of failure and fear of success.

Thinking outside the box failures are learning curves, and success is never a destination.

Failure and success are all about growing and stretching your soul. You can’t grow as a writer, editor, publishing professional without taking a few risks. For me, it’s like having to get used to a new cell phone or computer program. I absolutely hate it. But once I’ve used the thing for a while I’m more comfortable and want to learn more. Besides, studies have proven that keeping your mind learning things keeps your mind young! Now, how can putting more wrinkles in something be a good thing?

Standing at that crossroads trying to decide which path to follow, the poet, Robert Frost, chooses the one less traveled because it made all the difference. Your life goals are so important, and only achievable when stretching your soul out of the comfort zones of life. That is what makes all the difference.

Routine in life can wear a rut into your soul. One day you wake up and feel like you are sitting on the edge of a cliff. There’s unsatisfaction in your soul.  When a person feels unsatisfied, there is a hankering to eat more or drink more to fill the void. We’ve all been on diets and felt that desire to eat everything in the fridge. The things we choose can possibly push us off the cliff. Fear of unknowns, fear of failures, I hate to say this, but even laziness can paralyze us in our comfort zones. Routine holds sway, and we’re tempted to jump instead of wisely finding a route across the gorge or climbing down instead of jumping.

One of the most exciting things in life is opening a book to page 1 to discover a new world with new characters. Stagnant characters are boring. Stagnating comfort zones are dream killers and life stallers. There’s a great correlation there.

Get out of that comfort zone and stretch your soul with new things. Create that new world and share it with others. Believe in yourself and your calling. God always provides the wisdom and strength to burst out of the norm for whatever He’s called you to do.

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