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Create a 3D Image for Your Author Website

As a writer, you want to display your book cover on your author website. But instead of simply your front cover, why not something more visually interesting – a 3-dimensional image of your book or a “composite” image of the formats your book is available in. CherylMorris

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No Guts, No Storyboard. Hierarchies, Storyboards, Flowcharts, Mindmaps, and Wireframes for Authors

No Guts, No Story…Board

Hierarchies, Storyboards, Flowcharts, Mindmaps, and Wireframes Remember in school when our science teacher (with the permanent frown lines) attempted to persuade us that graphic organizers were important in our documentation? Perhaps my teacher quit that year due to having me as her student, as I was compelled to fill up

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Posting Fresh Content

Post to Your Heart’s Content…and Then Some!

As an author, updating your website or blog is a necessity. Toward the top of the update list is keeping your content fresh. Your mission:  To write something original to enhance your site on a consistent basis. Even when you don’t feel like it. Yes, you heard me correctly. Have

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Methods to Trigger Author Content Marketing

3 Methods to Trigger Author Content Marketing

If you took marketing in college before 2004, you probably were not taught about content marketing. Yet, perhaps you recall the 4 Ps: Product Pricing Placement Promotion If you haven’t taken courses on marketing, that’s okay. Fortunately, we have marketing coaching as part of our manuscript bundle at Authors Community.

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Navigating websites isn’t always smooth sailing

by Julianne Rigali Designing Your Navigation Menu Before you start design on your website,  the second thing to do: You should layout your navigation menu for website navigation. (Wondering about the first thing…that’s for an upcoming post…stay tuned.) First, use a piece of paper, a blackboard, or a dry erase

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