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The Artful Scam… Not!

by Gina Burgess Most scams that authors and writers face are as old as Methuselah. A scam may have been updated to this digital age, but the con’s premise is the same. I know we talked about literary agents and their worth a few weeks ago, but there are some

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Paperback books and eReaders

by Mary Norsworthy I have had a lifelong love affair with books, but never could I have dreamed that it would manifest itself in even a small way in the vast effort required to publish a book. I want to express my utmost gratitude to everyone who plays a part

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Making Your Reader Love Backstory

By Randy Ingermanson Con’t from August 19th Newsletter discussing how to create a backstory that your readers beg for… Not getting our newsletter? Easy peasy, email us and we’ll put you on the list! Interior Monologue Interior monologue is the sequence of thoughts that pass through a viewpoint character’s mind.

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Changing Priorities

by Mary Norsworthy The story is told of a conversation between a parakeet in a cage and a lark on the window sill. The lark looked in at the parakeet and asked, “What is your purpose?” “My purpose is to eat seed,” said the parakeet. “What for?” “So I can

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Video Helps Establish Your Platform

By Tom Blubaugh With the introduction of the Smart Phone and the revolutionary evolution of the video camera, anyone can create a video and they should. It’s one of the most popular modes of communication in the world. Approximately 30 years ago, most people would never consider using video to communicate with

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Map, plan, outline, your series

by Randy Ingermanson Mapping Out Your Series Readers like a series, so it’s good marketing sense to write your novels in a series. But that raises a question. How do you map out a series of novels? Mapping out one novel is hard enough that many novelists choose not to do it. They

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