by Cecelia Lester (1st place in fiction under 500 words) He found himself walking along the beach. He mulled over the difficult news. Before he realized it, he discovered he was on the point, that spot where his life could have ended. He sat on the bench, letting his mind reflect on earlier times. His […]

The Forgiving Eye

by Steve Muir Sounds benevolent, doesn’t it? After all, forgiveness is a great virtue, right? In this case, unfortunately, wrong. The Forgiving Eye is the name I’ve given to a particular phenomenon that afflicts me – and I’m sure, most authors – when it comes to reviewing their own writing. Content is not the problem […]

Give Us this Day – AC Contest Winner

by Connie Houston Unedited and Unabridged Our Daily Bread.  When I grew up, one of eight siblings living in public housing in Lackawanna, NY. , we ate bread every day.  My mother made cornbread for father. Not Jiffy.  Not cloying.  Mama’s cornbread was from scratch, savory, made with gritty, yellow cornmeal and cooked it in […]

Determining ROI–or Success Rate

by Tom Blubaugh I was talking to an author client/friend the other day about return-on-investment (ROI). 100 % of most conversations about ROI involve money. The thought came to me that money is not the only ROI that can give an author satisfaction. If it is, then many authors would discontinue writing today since, on […]

Why a Writer Needs Relationships

by DiAnn Mills Writers spend hours perfecting their manuscripts. The time, sweat, and tears that go into a remarkable writing project can’t be measured when our ability to create is always working. We live and breathe the words filling our mind and transfer them onto the page. Some say writing is an isolated profession, and […]

Working through the Gray

by Jeffery Romine When I was co-chair for a medicinal chemistry program, my counterpart often insisted that the success of our executive director, his immediate supervisor, a man who had achieved not only a position of authority but respect within the organization, was due to his remarkable ability to see through the gray. At any […]

Inspiration with a Club

By Gina Burgess Truman Capote:Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade just as painting does or music. If you are born with them, fine. If not, learn them then rearrange them to suit you. Just what we were talking about last week. Frankly, no two writers will work, or write, in the same way. […]

Google+ going, going, gone

by Jann Martin We’ve been hearing lately that Google+ is shutting down. “When John Lewis heard that Google+ was shutting down after the discovery of a security bug that left private profile data exposed, it felt like a crushing blow — even though he could see it coming.” CNBC report In The Guardian “This March, as Facebook was […]