Web-Ed EVENT! Terry Whalin, acquisitions editor

By Gina Burgess First flush of love finally blossoms into full-fledged, lasting love that ends with accepting a proposal. Like an on-the-knee marriage proposal, an accepted book proposal leads to long relationships, trusted relationships, and even better, profit for both parties. Terry Whalin–an acquisitions editor for Morgan-James Publishing–has the scoop on how to write a […]

Guerilla Marketing Your Book…

by Gina Burgess (using part of an excerpt from Using the Ripple Effect) Guerrilla marketing—the idea of using a small amount of money [or zero money] to do something unconventional—should be a part of every writer’s book marketing strategy (Scott La Counte – @buzz_trace) This is probably the most fun thing, but least used thing […]

That Pesky Critic of Writers

by Gina Burgess Listen. What did you just tell yourself? Mine just told me to go get coffee. I did. Then I thought of several other things I needed to do besides write this article. Something in the back of our minds tries to push us away from creativity and great things to help others […]

The Writer’s Cuppa Joe: Marketing that’s Achievable

By Whitney McKendree Moore As an author, my mind was pretty much clamped shut on marketing until Tom Blubaugh bravely said, “Marketing is just reaching out to share what you have been given. That changed everything for me. Suddenly it was about sharing “my bread” with others who hunger for it. My bread is for […]

Why keep your genre a secret?

By Tom Blubaugh   An author’s genre is a well-kept secret, at least in the world of social media profiles. That raises this question: Why make it so hard for readers and authors to find what genre you write?  Suppose you write Sci-Fi—a very popular genre. However, just saying Sci-Fi is too broad. Amazon has […]

Do. Or do not. There is no try. — Yoda

by Tom Blubaugh One of the greatest challenges of the modern author is how to market their books in an expanding marketplace. Marketing is defined as placing a product or service for a specific target market for sale in the marketplace. There are some basic business principles that can assist an author in developing a […]

Organization and the 500 Club

By Randy Ingermanson First published in his ezine. Most fiction writers have a major bottleneck in their process. Not all of them, but most of them. That bottleneck is that they don’t produce enough first-draft copy. If you haven’t developed your skills as a novelist yet, one of the key things you must do is […]

Hollywood gives authors a great hint

by Gina Burgess Hollywood is ignoring the business side in the movie making business— Kevin Sorbo Great interview with Kevin Sorbo who is a Christian and has been for his whole life. How fabulous that a Christian actor has the strength of character to admit it publicly, and to live his convictions in his acting. […]