Trends in Publishing 2018

by Gina Burgess There’s great news and there’s not so great news for trends in publishing in 2018. Facebook is trimming the newsfeed input from pages/brands/businesses saying that this kind of input to an individual’s newsfeed has much less spark for interactions–and that affects a person’s mood. You can check out the explanation here. This […]

Reading Aloud: No it’s not just for children…

by Sarah Tun Do you remember reading aloud to your children? Or if you’ve never been a parent or teacher, how about the reading aloud you had to do in school when you were young, to prove you could actually read: Remember that? What’s the point of reading aloud? To read aloud gives added benefit […]

How Do You Format Your Books?

by Meredith Bond Formatting Tools To me, formatting is the most fun part of self-publishing. If I were an artist or had more of an artist’s eye, I might feel that creating the cover would be more fun, but sadly, I’m too left-brained for that. But formatting, that lets me be creative, detail oriented and […]