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Strength in Numbers

There are some of us who tend to fly solo. I can be like that. By nature, I’m an introvert who has no trouble being alone for hours or days or possibly even weeks at a time. I’m usually self-motivated and go after goals on my own. It isn’t that

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7 Essentials for Your Author Website

Creating a great author’s website is at the top of your to-do list, but what are the top things you as an author need to include? You’ve spent time writing your book and growing your audience. Now it’s time to showcase that book with a new website. This article walks

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Do I need to create a budget for marketing my book

If you are an author, you are running a business.   If you don’t believe this and don’t have a business plan, then you’re in trouble.  “Tom, you’re starting off your blog post with a negative statement?”  I don’t lie to my members- I won’t lie to you.  This is your first obstacle.  Trip

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What it really takes to have a best selling book

One of the questions I am asked regularly is “do you guarantee you can sell my book.” The answer is always, “no.” Here is why. Your book must be a well written book. Has your book been through the process of a critique group? This is the first thing I

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Book Marketing vs Promotion – Is there a difference?

As first-time author, you have lots of questions. One of the biggest ones is always “How do I actually sell the book I’m writing?”   If you’re like most people today, you turn to Google for help. On an initial search on Google, you pull up over 5 million answers to

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