Web-Ed EVENT! Terry Whalin, acquisitions editor

By Gina Burgess First flush of love finally blossoms into full-fledged, lasting love that ends with accepting a proposal. Like an on-the-knee marriage proposal, an accepted book proposal leads to long relationships, trusted relationships, and even better, profit for both parties. Terry Whalin–an acquisitions editor for Morgan-James Publishing–has the scoop on how to write a […]

Why be a Writer?

There is a dichotomy in the brain of every writer: I need to believe in myself to even publish my work anywhere in the world, but for quality’s sake, I really need to develop quality self-criticism. So we have a possible over-confidence or over-positive view vs a negative mindset that questions every word produced. So […]

Time Management God’s Way

by Gina Burgess If you really want great time management. Before you get out of bed, give the day to the Lord and ask Him to manage your time for you. Sounds too simple to be true, right? There are a few things that must come first for God to really manage your time. One […]

Can Beta Readers Replace Editors?

by Jennifer Harris Beta readers are an invaluable resource. They provide feedback on content, what’s working and what’s not working, and usually catch some of our pesky typos. Personally, I wouldn’t publish a book without the use of beta readers. However, their role is quite different from that of an editor. Yes, they can identify […]

Paperback books and eReaders

by Mary Norsworthy I have had a lifelong love affair with books, but never could I have dreamed that it would manifest itself in even a small way in the vast effort required to publish a book. I want to express my utmost gratitude to everyone who plays a part in publishing those delicious reads; […]

How to (and Why) Make a Social Media Marketing Plan

by Tamy Bond As you struggle with all the ins and outs of posting to all the different social media platforms , you may have figured out that actually sitting down and making a plan might be a good idea. Actually, it’s a GREAT idea! It really is very simple. Everything you do with social networks should be part […]

Write, Don’t Talk!

Don’t Talk… Write! How to Keep — not Lose — your Motivation by Sarah Tun I once heard another writer make a comment which made so much sense to me I’ve never forgotten it. For novice writers in particular, this message could be crucial to ensure to get your projects out of the starting blocks. […]

What are The Best Times to Post on Social Media?

by Tamy Bond What are The Best Times to Post on Social Media? The easy answer is to post on social media when there is the most traffic. Easy, right? Not so much. There are many variables to consider.  Your posts times may vary depending on the social media platform you are using and what the demographics are like. For instance, Facebook may be a broader, more […]

Comfort zones squeeze the life out of growth.

By Gina Burgess There are differences between hobby writing and professional writing. This is a crucial question that the author needs to know the answer to before spending the time required to make money writing. It’s a commitment. It’s also risky. What if I fail? What happens if I succeed? How will I handle either […]