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Eileen Moynihan Writes A Posy of Wild Flowers

The delightful new book A Posy of Wildflowers was written by Eileen Moynihan. It’s a children’s book of poetry that parents will also enjoy reading to their little ones. Who wouldn’t love a book of poems about Irish wildflowers and trees including their Irish names?

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Write, Write, Write

Is it for wealth? Is it a game, a compulsion, or a curiosity? I believe for many of us, writing is a calling. It may be a ministry to GOD Himself, a means of prayer and relating to Him. It may be a ministry to others, a bit of evangelism

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Feeling a bit stale? In a rut?

I have been stuck inside for weeks now. Depression was hovering around nipping at my sanity and dragging at my health. That heavy feeling settled around my heart and mind no matter sunshine or storm. There is something really depressing about not having a choice to either go do something

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In 2020 I Will Not…

  by Gina Burgess What are your New Year’s Resolutions as a writer? What? You didn’t make any? Well, here are some suggestions for 2020 especially and specifically for writers that Christian Authors Community & Services highly recommends. From ProEdit… I will not: Let other people’s negative opinions affect how

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How to Get What’s in Your Head onto the Page

by Sarah Tun Get out of the rut. There are so many ideas…. and so many distractions. How do you manage to make the time to focus and choose amongst the many ideas that float around in your mind in order to get onto the page something concrete and worthy

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Desk Lasagna

by Gina Burgess One of the main problems/challenges that writers face is procrastination. Admit it. We keep putting off writing for one reason or another, but what it boils down to is that we find something we think is more important to do than writing that article or finishing that

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