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What is a Book?

It’s not a trick question—What is a book? — but I‘m finding it a little difficult to answer. If you check the dictionary the answer entails the explanation of pages of “written or printed sheets bound together between a front and back cover”. If you read far enough the term

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Strength in Numbers

There are some of us who tend to fly solo. I can be like that. By nature, I’m an introvert who has no trouble being alone for hours or days or possibly even weeks at a time. I’m usually self-motivated and go after goals on my own. It isn’t that

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Social Intelligence: a must for social media marketing

Social intelligence is an absolute must for our social media marketing to be truly effective. There is plenty of advice on how to market your book in our social media world. But there is a serious lack of understanding of something that goes far deeper into how to market a

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Who Are Your Tribe?

I was always one of those people who enjoys their own company, but also gets inspired and gains a sense of well-being when attending a social occasion with like-minded people. Everyone finds there are some people they just don’t understand or just don’t feel any connection to, and others they

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Spiritual Emphasis or Twist

I recently posted some blog items on social media that were, what I’d consider,  hot topics today: on women speaking and leading in church and on the bride of Christ becoming ready for his return. (Hot topics are ideas or subjects that potentially lead to heated arguments if one is

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Book Reviews: Special Helps for Authors and Readers

[This blog post is a collaboration between two of our members, and a great job they did! Nancy Kuykendall and Eileen Moynihan were in class when I was talking about writing book reviews. They graciously accepted the challenge to collaborate and write a blog post about that very thing. Enjoy

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